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Writing 201 Day 7: Neighborhood, Ballad, and Assonance


The Ballad of a Stroll and a Photo That

Offended the Waterfowl

One day I arose

To go on a stroll

Through the streets of this old town

Built ever so long ago

Although it was a bit chilly and cold.

I strolled past the post office,

A closed café, and the grocery store.

I saw plenty of old homes

containing history of their own

And I soon found the old sign describing the town’s

Historical account with the old railroad.

The old depot I well did know

Was somewhere across that other road.

It is not far to go, you know;

Just down this street, this century old road.

Then make a right turn and then a left

Until I am strolling on Main Street due North.

I have my camera in tow with a bit of hope

That I might capture an interesting photo

To share with others and perhaps on a post.

But many times that bit of hope is quite remote

As this small town remains continuously the same.

Although I reminded myself,” you just never know

What new or interesting or sight  my eye may behold.”

I walked into the Dairy Queen to have a bit of ice cream.

Then I was eagerly so wanting to stroll to a favorite place, you know.

So I continued to stroll to the small park where the

Trees towered high in the cold as I still strolled

Down the sloping, grassy knoll to stand

Alone on the beach where the waves

Gently lapped and softly rolled.

Not expecting to see any company

On such a cold and woeful day.

But wouldn’t you know as I looked

Out I saw not one but two quiet

And graceful waterfowl.

In silence I watched them lift up

Off the rippling lake and gliding into the air.

They made almost no noise; hardly any sound.

They seemed content to not go far

But only to fly close to the nearly

Deserted lake which shone

And shimmered in their wake.

They hovered and glided

Back and forth; to and fro.

Then oh how I vainly tried

To shoot and take a photo

As I stood on a warped and sloping deck

With the flowing water down below.

Suddenly in a splash they arose

Seeming to not want their photo

Taken at all. Oh dear, oh no, they preferred

The pure quietness and absolute obscurity.

They had no wish to be known or be shown

Through a photo taken by me.

Over the years I have known

others who were too bashful to smile

and have someone snap a photo;

However, it never dawned on me

that a such a desire of anonymity

could apply also to the graceful waterfowl.

Oh woe! Their peaceful and uneventful morning

Now interrupted as they knew they weren’t alone.

So into the sky of billowing white clouds

They lifted in such haste and soared.

Not giving me one last look

nor any parting word.

Poetry 201 Assignment 6 Hero(ine), Ballad, and Anaphora/Epistrophe



Yep, I am still in that poetry class and we are on week 2 now. In this assignment I was to write a ballad (a story that can be set to music) about a hero or a heroine. The hero could be a real life figure or a fictional character. I decided on a fictional character being influenced by Cinderella. Additionally, the ballad needed to have a repeated phrase I the beginning or the ending.  I had a lot of fun writing this rather fairy tale ballad and I hope you enjoy it.

The Ballad of Cindy Cinders Cinderina

Cindy Cinders was a young, freckled heroine

Who tried to be as dainty and pristine

As a floating, dancing ballerina.

 Famed with the surname of Cinderina,

She eagerly enrolled and took a hopeful chance

To learn how to swing, tap, and slow dance.

She tried to waltz, ballet, and a bit of do-si-do

But too often stepped upon her partner’s toes.

Oh dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina;

Yes, dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina.

She then tried to walk so poised, serene and

As proper as a princess or a queen.

But her formal frock was much too long

And she tripped breaking her high-heeled thongs.

Not one to give up her lofty dream too soon so instead

She quietly held up high her swelled and freckled head.

Cindy Cinders dated a young, dashing and heroic prince

Who of her fine, dainty, gracefulness just wasn’t convinced.

Oh dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina;

Yes dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina.

Finally with sadness Cindy Cinders came to understand

That she could never be truly graceful or so grand

It was time she knew to alter her dream

To something she could triumphantly achieve

Deflated, tearful, and stuck in a saddened slump

Cindy Cinders sat and thought upon her favorite stump

“What good and fine thing can I possibly do

And still to myself remain ever faithfully true?”

Oh dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina;

Yes dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina.

Cindy Cinders walked and gazed in quiet serenity

Deep inside the lush forest and along the tranquil sea

She strolled across the meadows and the vast prairieland

Staring at the snowcapped mountains, majestic and grand

Then that night when the glittering stars shone so bright

Cindy Cinders arose in her bed and felt compelled to write

She couldn’t wait till morning light but had to start

Recording all the secret words buried inside her heart

Oh dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina;

Yes dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina.

Then a full week and several rainy days later

The visiting king happened to read her scribbled papers.

He was amazed and astonished to read and see

Cindy Cinders convey such loveliness and beauty

“Oh Cindy Cinders” replied the elated king,

“Your verses are delightful and so charming

Would you consider reciting your enchanting poems

For all the households of my kingdom?”

Oh dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina;

Yes dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina.

Cindy Cinders was startled and pleasantly surprised

As new tears welled and stung her pale blue eyes,

“Yes, Your Highness, I will gladly recite for the kingdom

And perhaps my verses will encourage everyone.”

So Cindy Cinders discovered inside herself a new dream

That she could truthfully and triumphantly achieve

She was crowned the Royal Princess Poet for the kingdom

Where all were enchanted by her wonderfully rhyming poems

Oh dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina;

Yes dear Cindy Cinders Cinderina.