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Ode to Jesus my Savior on this New Day


Ode to Jesus my Savior on this bright new day,

A new morning of hope beneath a glorious sun.

While earth is gently touched by its’ gleaming rays

As a sign that God desires to kindly bless everyone.

For beneath the rising sun’s fair brilliance and warmth,

We can reach out to grasp and hold onto everlasting hope.

As when we’re kept warm in a frigid winter near a fireside hearth,

We live in peace and safety under the eyes of God’s watchful scope.

Because within the Lord’s provision, his loving plan,

He devised the only way to perfectly save

The sinful and often hurting man

Through his own Son Jesus whose life on the cross he gave.

Now with the unquenchable hope of a never ending tomorrow,

We can live today free of pain, oppressing fear, and lasting sorrow.

Finding REFUGE in God



During this past week, I have been thinking about how God is my refuge,  how he provides me a quiet and peaceful sanctuary if only I would just remember and look to him:

Rest and spiritual restoration

Eternal peace and safety through the

Forgiveness  of sins and love of God who grants us

Unearned and undeserved

Grace, mercy, and his free gift of

Everlasting life through Jesus, His Son

And while dwelling on this, I went searching for a special verse in the Bible about finding REFUGE in God and this is what I found:

Psalm 62:8 (Holy Bible (New International Version):

“Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him for God is our refuge.”