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Wind Whispering to Me

Wind whispering to me

Beneath the sun’s downward gaze

While gently whistling through the trees;

Dispelling a soft yet cool breeze

Amidst a quiet autumn day,

Flowing over the lapping waves.

Wind whispering to me,

Wind whispering to me

Beneath the sun’s downward gaze.

Wind Whispering to Me


Soft wind flows whispering to me;

Ever so gently branches sway in the breeze.

I pause to listen and to quietly see

That soft wind blowing and whispering to me.

So tenderly the wind filters the trees

As the pines swish and dance beneath the gleam

Of a warm and radiant sunbeam.

The lofty heavens span out like a vast sea

Where waves swell and rise majestically

Only to shrink into a placid pool of tranquility.

Endless sky blankets the earth in an aquamarine canopy

So silently crowning the waving evergreens

As the wind continues to whisper to me.

I sit in contented silence to just quietly be

Still and secretly enchanted by the whistling breeze;

What is the wind saying? What could the message be?

How I did ponder under the awning of the windswept trees.

Softly blowing, gently moving, I could feel and see

The mysterious wind faintly whispering to me.

How noise and clatter of this world can be displeasing

While trials and troubles seem never ceasing

But as I waited, the gentle wind whispered to me:
“Just be still and treasure this moment of peace.”

Once again, I participated in a large collaboration: Poets for Peace. Many have contributed to this and you can read their poems at this link: https://forgottenmeadows.wordpress.com/2016/07/16/calling-all-poetscreative-minds-to-a-grand-collaboration-poets-for-peace/comment-page-8/#comment-20051

God is Whispering God is Whispering


God is whispering, God is whispering; you hear him in the wind and waving trees

You stop to pause and take a rest when suddenly you hear him in the swishing breeze.

God is whispering, God is whispering; his unseen spirit continues to move.

His eyes travel the earth watching those who to him remain steadfastly true.

God is whispering, God is whispering: can you hear him in the lofty air?

He stays nearby revealing himself to those in his trusting tender care.

God is whispering, God is whispering to every one wandering on this earth.

He longs to give us new life through a joyful second birth.

God is whispering, God is whispering; his eternal words are written down

In the Holy Book, in all creation, and on the hearts of those who will share his home.

God is whispering, God is whispering for everyone to be still and hear.

Through his Son he is calling. Can you hear him? Will you draw near?