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Lesson in the Wind


Wind whistling with the

waltzing trees, lofty whispers:

eerie to perceive.

Trees swirl in rhythmic

flair as sound of the wind’s whirl

pierce the heart and air.

How the wind has such

temper to serenade us

with woeful banter.

During storms at night,

how I lay in silent fear waiting

to see morning light.

Wild shadows outside

my window unnerves me as

wind shrieks, howls, and blows.

Nothing to do in

the darkness but to be still

and quietly rest.

It’s my decision

to trust in the Lord’s plan and his

promised provision.

Or to lament and

fret instead as I cringe with

worry on my bed.

The fierce wind, though, is

a reminder of things in

life I can’t control;

need to trust in faith

to let Jesus lead the way

and gently let go.


Wind Whispering to Me

Wind whispering to me

Beneath the sun’s downward gaze

While gently whistling through the trees;

Dispelling a soft yet cool breeze

Amidst a quiet autumn day,

Flowing over the lapping waves.

Wind whispering to me,

Wind whispering to me

Beneath the sun’s downward gaze.

In a Whisper of Faith

In a whisper of faith, God calms the raging storms.

In a whisper of faith, God diffuses the troubles of life;

In a whisper of faith, God instills peace amidst the strife.

In a whisper…

In a whisper of faith, God shields me from the searing heat.

In a whisper of faith, God is in the wind sifting through the trees;

In a whisper of faith, God surrounds me in a cool, gentle breeze.

In a whisper…

In a whisper of faith, God protects me from the frigid, wintry cold.

In a whisper of faith, God wipes away my tears in the deep, dark night;

In a whisper of faith, God watches over me until the dawn of morning light.

In a whisper…

Wind Whispering to Me


Soft wind flows whispering to me;

Ever so gently branches sway in the breeze.

I pause to listen and to quietly see

That soft wind blowing and whispering to me.

So tenderly the wind filters the trees

As the pines swish and dance beneath the gleam

Of a warm and radiant sunbeam.

The lofty heavens span out like a vast sea

Where waves swell and rise majestically

Only to shrink into a placid pool of tranquility.

Endless sky blankets the earth in an aquamarine canopy

So silently crowning the waving evergreens

As the wind continues to whisper to me.

I sit in contented silence to just quietly be

Still and secretly enchanted by the whistling breeze;

What is the wind saying? What could the message be?

How I did ponder under the awning of the windswept trees.

Softly blowing, gently moving, I could feel and see

The mysterious wind faintly whispering to me.

How noise and clatter of this world can be displeasing

While trials and troubles seem never ceasing

But as I waited, the gentle wind whispered to me:
“Just be still and treasure this moment of peace.”

Once again, I participated in a large collaboration: Poets for Peace. Many have contributed to this and you can read their poems at this link: https://forgottenmeadows.wordpress.com/2016/07/16/calling-all-poetscreative-minds-to-a-grand-collaboration-poets-for-peace/comment-page-8/#comment-20051

Writing 201 Day 8: Flavor, Elegy, and Enumeratio


Flavor of Autumns Past

Pungent scent of oak, pine, and maple trees

Penetrating the autumn air.

Remembering also the birches, cedars, and elms

Adding their aromatic flair.

Clasping to the limbs are leaves of deep and changing

Colors; apple red and tangerine orange,

And bright splashes of dark lime and lemon yellow grandeur.

Sweet memories of walking, strolling, and

Wading through clusters, piles, and layers of fallen leaves.

Autumn is harvest time as the last

Of the vegetables and fruits are plucked smelling fresh and sweet.

Pumpkin, squash, and ripened tomatoes

Are reaped from the gardens while the clinging apples

Are pulled from the orchard trees:

Granny Smiths, braeburns, bright red delicious, and

The yellow delicious apples too.

The last of the corn, the wheat, soybeans, and hay

Are reaped without further delay.

Then all enjoy the harvest and a feast on Thanksgiving Day.

Enjoying the warm winds from the south

And the west; a strong and yet gentle, tantalizing breeze

Before the colder north and eastern gales

Rush on in and strip the swaying trees until they’re bare.

For by then autumn is gone and winter

Has rushed in with its snow, layers of ice, and frigid cold

As temperatures drop to zero and below.

Amid the snow and that freezing cold, we take the time

To celebrate Christmas, favorite holiday of old.

Then to restore hope of warmer days to come, a hint of

Spring is in the air as the snow melts

And the ground is bare. Also soon, the snow turns to rain

And the world becomes green again.

Summer then arrives for all those young at heart who like

To camp, hike, swim, and dive.

Such enjoyment of long days, abundant sunshine, and

Celebration of Independence Day.

Like the musical beat of a favorite song or poem which

Entails its own melodious rhyme,

Each season with its own scents and flavors enters in its own

Predictable and expected time. As

After autumn, winter arrives, and then comes spring

Followed by summer and then autumn

Returns again with its own aroma and charming flavor

 like an enchanting and familiar friend.

Writing 101 Day 20: Treasure


The Things I Treasure

Family and lifelong friends

Whose love prevails and never ends.

A vivid blue and warm day

Where glowing sunshine lights the way.

A new path in life; a new road to adventure

And where it might lead I can only wonder.

Sweet melodious birdsong filling the breeze

As the feathered carolers perched in the lofty trees.

Meadows and wildflowers I do adore;

Black-eyed Susans, daisies and more.

Strolling through the forest of towering trees

Oh how Spring gives birth to such emerald beauty.

A quiet, rainy day when I rest inside

Reading and writing to my heart’s delight.

Returning home and walking down memory lane;

Visiting loved ones and close friends.

Walking on the beach and feeling the spray of the sea;

Feeling the sand surround and envelop my bare feet.

Sitting at the park and listening to the whispering wind

Sifting through the branches; softly heard but not seen.

In deep conversation with a close friend

In whom my quiet trust will never end.

Seeing a lemon-tinted sunrise in the early morning

And a glowing orange sunset in the warm evening.

Have the love of Jesus residing in my heart wiping away my sorrows

As he instills hope for today, through the night, and tomorrow.


Writing 101 Day Eight: Death of the Adverbs



Well, in this latest assignment, I was to write something about a public place and eliminate all the adverbs! That is often hard to do but I tried. I don’t believe I succeeded in eliminating all of them but you can let me know what you think. So here is my latest poem for you to enjoy and I hope it puts a smile on your face.

Along the River Trail

The other day, a friend and I together

Determined to stroll along the Minnesota River.

We started by the old town depot

Where the steamboats used to come and go.

But today double rail tracks remain

For the passing freight and cargo trains.

It was a warm and beautiful day

With the water glistening beneath the sun’s rays.

We walked along a narrow paved road

somewhat eroded from the last flood

The grayish flood wall on our right

Kept the city out of sight

While the flowing river remained

Stationed on our left side.

That is until we turned around

To return where we started from.

Below the cement trail galore

Stretched out a long and rocky shore.

The water flowed along in a gentle current

 Propelled by a soft and blowing wind.

As we walked along together

Enjoying the sunshine and warm weather,

A Canadian goose stepped along the stones

But lo, we found he was not alone.

For another meandering goose appeared nearby

And together they slipped into the water’s side.

They glided past us in gentle and quiet company

Until a roaring motorboat disrupted their peaceful journey.

While one fowl sprang and soared south the other flew north

And only one circled around returning to the rocky shore.

He glided into the water swimming near the stones;

Peacefulness had returned but now he was alone.

 My heart twitched and ached at this sight

To see this lone creature taking silent and solitary flight.

We continued to stroll along the Minnesota River Trail

Being met by other walkers with a dog and his wagging tail.

Soon my friend and I returned to where we started from;

It was time to go home and for this journey to be done.

So we left the old brick depot; a century aged place

Where time once was slower and life not such an urban race.

But what a splendid day we had decided to share

Blessed with hope and the fragrance of spring in the air.

Becky’s Haiku: Foul and Sweet


Foul Wind! Stay away!

Let me enjoy a warm day

Touched by Sun’s sweet rays.

I tried a challenge to write a haiku using the words foul and sweet.  For those of you who enjoy haiku challenges, here is the link for this particular haiku: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/tag/haiku-challenge/

Writing 101 Assignment 7: The Battle Between Summer and Winter



“I like summer!”

“Well, I like winter!”

“What’s so great about winter?”

“What’s so great about summer?”

“During the summer, the temperature is warm

And I can stay outside all day long.”

“Winter is an adventure when that mighty wind blows

And I bravely trample through drifts of snow.”

“But that northern breeze is just too much for me!

Soon I have a cold as I start to sneeze and sneeze.”

“You know, summer is no picnic either

With the pollen, the weeds, and flowers in bloom, I soon have hay fever.”

“Winter is so white and bleak with no vivid colors to see.

But summer is a vibrant rainbow of red, orange, purple, yellow, and green.”

“Summer is sometimes too drab with brown grass and dry dust floating in the air.

Winter ushers in the purest breezes which filter and clean the atmosphere.”

“Winter lasts too long, those months and months of snow seem to go on forever.”

”Summer drags on too when heat and humidity rise I just perspire and swelter.”

“In the summer, birds gladly sing while grazing, strolling wildlife can be seen.”

“Winter has its own wonder and surprises like seeing a brilliant sundog in the sky.”

“You know this battle between summer and winter can go on forever:

I know, let’s just talk about the weather.”

“That is fine with me but what about autumn and spring?”

“Well, I like autumn.”

“and I like spring!”

“Oh, no, here we go again.”

Daily Prompt: Weather Weather Affecting Me


Weather, weather, whatever it may be

Sometimes has a deep and profound effect on me.

If the wind is howling and it starts to snow

 I become Irritated if there is any place that I have to go.

If the rain is falling and the skies are dark and gray

Then I want to stay in bed and read the day away.

If crashing thunder and flashing lightening should come

Then I want to safely hide beneath a blanket in my tiny home.

If walking at twilight when the sunset is warm and brightly glowing

Then I want to hear the birds sing and the bullfrog’s deep throated croaking.

If late in the dark when the sky is clear and the moon is full and bright

I want to gaze and wonder about the stars and planets shining in the night.

If I awake and find warm sunshine brightening a vivid blue sky

Then I want to especially enjoy this day not letting it slip by.