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Gently, softly, this day concludes

In twilight’s glowing interlude.

Future endeavors laid to rest;

Tomorrow will appear soon enough.

Over the mountains and sea, the sun has journeyed;

Finally resting upon the windswept prairie.

Thankfulness fills the mind and heart;

Happy contentment it does impart.

Every blessing today received;

Sent from the Lord who watches and sees.

Under the canopy of a pink streaked sky,

Nestles the sun on the brink of encroaching night;

Seeping  lower, dipping down.

Evening soon clouds the darkened horizon.

Time to rest while wrapped in the cloak of deep night

Knowing the sun will dawn at morning’s light.

By the Bay


Water lapped in tranquil, glassy waves

Emitting a sense of peace, stillness, and grace.

Sunlight brilliantly streamed

In white translucent sheets

Between clouds of tinted gray

While brightening the horizon across the bay.

Occasional sailboats and a lone ferry

I perceived gliding upon the softly swaying sea

Of gently rolling waves

As I rode by on the late evening train.

Lapping swells appeared to try

To reach upward and touch the sky.

As if to join and be a larger part

Of this vast and endless universe.

The small sea attempted to rise and grasp heaven

 unite with the borderless ocean.

But lo, an intruding mass of land

Firmly obstructed the small sea’s determined path

To rise up and stretch further still

Or to weave around the intruding hill.

So this small and gentle sea

Learned contentment and just to be

Satisfied in its’ uniquely assigned place

Lapping quietly in this crystal blue bay.


Writing 101 Day 1: Unlocking the Mind



I came home today after a long drive past the woods, over some hills and finally across the prairie. Such a peaceful and quiet of just sitting in the car, driving and driving and looking at the scenery. Not that there is much to see since winter is barely over and spring has begun. Much of the grass is brown yet and the trees are as bare as they can be. Such a time of transition from winter to spring. Watching the last of the snow melting away and eagerly watching for the first hint of the grass turning green. Such hopefulness can be heard and seen in the birds as they flutter around from tree to tree singing and chirping so delightedly. Even when the day is gloomy as the sky is overcast in thick gray clouds, the melodious birds seem to have no worries. I saw robins, chickadees and even some geese as they all have returned in hopes re-establishing their homes. I wish I could be that contend and as cheerful as they seem to be. And not be so worried from one day to the next. Oh that is such a challenge for me! To choose to be content and let all my worries cease. I will keep trying to master that as I continue to watch my feathered neighbors fly and swoop from tree to tree ever so seemingly oblivious to the obstacles and challenges they do not yet see. Therefore, I will try to travel forward as my day transition to evening and then my even to late night. I will try to rest and stay at peace until morning light. Soon my days will transform into a week and my weeks will add up to a month and it will interesting to see, if indeed I have maintained this choice of remaining at peace in spite of whatever lies ahead of me. I will give this a try and we shall see if I really master the simple skill of choosing and remaining at peace in my mind, in my heart, and in the deepest part of my soul with true contentment and sincerity.

Friday Verse Journal Philippians 4:11b-13



Although it is no longer Friday, I still wanted to post something in my Friday Verse Journal. I am still working on the idea of being content no matter what my situation may be. This is for me an everyday challenge. Sudden or unexpected obstacles in life really do rattle me. Also when certain challenges in life just seem to take too long to cope with and resolve. It is very easy trust and believe in God through his Son, Jesus when things go well and when things are going well for my friends and loved ones. But when troubles mount and when bad news is revealed then, it is not so easy to just trust him and be content to wait on God’s time to work out all things for the good. However the idea of staying content and being at peace through knowing Jesus is my anchor. If I become too fearful or somehow very upset and my faith is being challenged then I must find my way back to God and keep depending and believing in him.

Philippians 4:11b-13 (Holy Bible English Standard Version):

“For I have learned in every situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low and how to be abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

Learning to be CONTENT


Calm temperance and being at quiet peace
with how God had lovingly made me.
Open-minded and patient with God’s perfect will
which over darkness and evil will prevail.
Not being envious nor deeply desiring
fine splendid things which this world is offering.
Trusting in God’s timely and gracious provisions;
his love, unending mercy, and sovereign wisdom.
Eyes firmly focused on the Lord Jesus Christ
bound in unshakable hope of everlasting life.
Never forgetting God’s ultimate plan for me and you;
remembering his promises will all come true.
Thankful heart while living in God’s good grace
knowing one day we’ll see him, face to face.

Writing 101 Assignment 14: Dear God I Want to be the Captain



Dear God,

Today while reading a science fiction book, the word “captain” stuck out to me. Of course, I’ve seen this word many times and I’ve never consider myself to be a captain of a fine ship.  I heard that a famous poet, William Earnest Henley once said, “I am the captain of my soul” in his poem, Invictus.  Although, I don’t consider myself to be a captain I do like to be in charge and in control of my life and have a say in everything. This is especially true when I think I cannot trust in others.

Recently, I experienced a sudden mishap that caused me to not trust, to not be content, and to not believe.  Someone made an honest mistake, which for me led to unexpected and unwanted consequences; even somewhat costly ones. Sadly, I even lost faith in not believing that you would help me and that you would show me the solution, the answer, to my unexpected dilemma. I allowed myself to become too overwrought and irate about it. I also decided to not trust, Instead, I would do whatever I can to stay in charge of whatever the situation in life might be! Yes, that’s the answer, I will be the captain  and never mind anyone else’s help or suggestions offered to me.

Well, God, it didn’t take long for me to realize that I still needed to trust, wait, and be content. For during my overwrought state, I tried in vain to solve my own problem but nothing worked.  Many aspects of that situation remained out of my control including time.  I knew I needed to solve this problem within a certain timeframe and I became increasingly irate and frantic as all of my efforts amounted to nothing.

Though too impatient to do so, I learned that I just needed to wait.  I needed to discipline myself, be content, and choose to trust. And yes, as always, you The Forever Faithful One, showered your grace upon me although I did not deserve it. You led me to the solution in your own way and in your own time. I’ve no doubt now, that you were testing me and I failed utterly. So Lord as I wander along this life’s path and if I ever get it in my head, that I want to be the captain, the one in absolute charge, please lovingly remind me that you are the admiral in my life. And that you are the Heavenly Father in loving charge of me.


Friday Verse Journal June 6, 2014



Lately, over the last weeks and even longer, I easily become agitate or unhappy or very discouraged about different parts of my life. And when I am already down, it doesn’t take much at all for me to become completely unglued and totally unsure of myself or what it really is that God wants me to do. The Apostle Paul’s words about contentment have been coming to my mind:

Philippians 4:11b-13 (Holy Bible English Standard Version)

“I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”