Daily Archives: May 18, 2015

Becky’s Haiku: The Storm Within


When I hear thunder

And wind, I sometimes fear the

Storm raging within.

For a battle does

Wage inside my soul when doubts

Are nagging me so.

For troubles arise

And not just a few tugging

At me; my heart’s blue.

I lay on my bed with

With tears streaming down as I

Wondered what went wrong.

I try to do what’s right

And show kindness to all but

Still I trip and fall.

So I hide in my

Tiny cocoon not wanting

To leave my small room.

As fear grips and churns

 inside, I don’t want to face

the storm just outside.

So I rest hiding

Alone with hands folded tight

As the storm raged on.

Finally I do

Peek out my window in quiet

Hope and gentle peace.

The sky was blue once

Again, you see. The storm was

Gone; God answered me.