Jesus in the Rainbow

Trailing Rainbow

Red: Jesus’ blood was shed on the cross so my sins may be washed away in forgiveness.

Orange: Like the brilliant glowing sunset, Jesus’ light is brightly shining within us.

Yellow: As the day dawns with morning sunlight, Jesus’ presence stays with me as my guide in life.

Green:  He’s the Good Shepherd keeping us in his scope; He watches and gives us eternal hope.

Blue: Like the clear sky that stretches with no end, so it is with heaven, God’s everlasting kingdom.

Purple: Jesus arose from his grave victoriously and will reign forever in glorious majesty.

2 thoughts on “Jesus in the Rainbow

  1. katb8587

    Hi Becky! I love your rainbow poem! I wrote this little verse as I started my paper.
    Where Do I Find God?
    My religious and spiritual identity has always been Christian. However, my Christian identity has always been a bit eclectic because I do not identify all that strongly with a particular Christian community. I have gone to a number of churches: Methodist, Baptist Presbyterian, Episcopalian and a number of non-denominational churches. I find that God is in my heart. He is in the forests, in the ocean and bays, in a sunrise or sunset, and in a starry sky. I do not feel Him so much in a building. I also find him in the kindness and love of others.


  2. beckyg1003 Post author

    Hi Kathy, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I see God everywhere in nature too. I really like seeing rainbows and wish I would see more of them. And due to the old story of Noah and the sign of the rainbow in the sky, I believe that it is a reminder today that God still keeps all of his promises. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.


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