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Jesus in the Rainbow

Trailing Rainbow

Red: Jesus’ blood was shed on the cross so my sins may be washed away in forgiveness.

Orange: Like the brilliant glowing sunset, Jesus’ light is brightly shining within us.

Yellow: As the day dawns with morning sunlight, Jesus’ presence stays with me as my guide in life.

Green:  He’s the Good Shepherd keeping us in his scope; He watches and gives us eternal hope.

Blue: Like the clear sky that stretches with no end, so it is with heaven, God’s everlasting kingdom.

Purple: Jesus arose from his grave victoriously and will reign forever in glorious majesty.

Jesus is the GOOD SHEPHERD


Gentle lamb who took away my sins

Omnipotent; he is mighty and all powerful

Omnipresent; he is everywhere

Daily Provider of all my needs

Sees my triumphs and my tears

Hears my sobs and my quiet laughter

Ever with me and never forsaking me

Prince of peace, joy and love

Holds all things in place, the earth and the universe

Eyes ever watchful for wandering souls to save

Remains forever in my heart, my soul, and my life

Deliverer of hope, restoration, and eternal salvation