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Pantoum: While Walking through the Forestland

While walking through the forestland
beneath the boughs of leafy green,
wading amidst the sea of swaying grass
as sweet carols unseen bluebirds sing.
Beneath the boughs of leafy green
while the river nearby gently flows,
as sweet carols unseen bluebirds sing
high above the lush, rolling meadow.
As the river nearby gently flows,
the sky above shone a sapphire hue
high above the lush rolling meadow;
sparkling like a crystal jewel.
The sky above shone a sapphire hue
under the sun’s ever vibrant gaze;
sparkling like a crystal jewel
as towering pines offer comfort and shade.
Under the sun’s ever vibrant gaze
wading through the sea of swaying grass
as towering pines offer comfort and shade
while walking through the forestland.

Writing 101 Day 2: Oh the Things I do Enjoy


Waking up in the morning

To find a sun-filled day

And wondering what beauty

God will show me along the way.

Strolling in the quiet forest

Or along a flowing stream;

Hearing twittering birdsong

And feeling the gentle breeze.

Walking along a quiet path

and seeing new flowers blooming;

my favorite daisies to find

are the slender black-eyed Susans.

Traveling in the autumn and

Also in the late spring;

To see the altering landscape

During the changing seasons.

Stopping to rest and to think

At a tranquil and quiet place;

Spending some moments in prayer

And staying near to God in enduring faith.

Journeying through the day

From early morning to late night

And knowing that Jesus stays with me;

Always in my heart and at my side.

Hearing the phone ring and

And talking to family or a friend.

Although I am a quiet person,

I often don’t want the call to end.

Visiting family or close friends

When I have that chance to go

Sometimes I cannot travel far

Because of weather and especially snow.

Resting in bed, writing, or

Reading a new novel;

Sometimes science fiction

And then a good mystery to follow.

Laying quietly in bed at the

End of a long working day

Remembering Jesus stays near

And promises to forever stay.

Journeying FORWARD into the New Year


Facing boldly the unknown future

Overcoming obstacles and barriers

Remembering that God is always with me

Walking with Jesus forever beside me

Achieving new dreams; reaching new heights

Renewing friendships and strengthening family ties

Determined to press on in love, peace, and joy of life

Saturday’s Journey


I awoke to a quiet Saturday morning with sunlight glistening across the bluish horizon;

The tranquil sky resembles a sea tinted lake minus the ripples drifting across its’ face.

Such loneliness without human company but I needed with the Lord to just quietly be.

An opportunity with no urgent tasks to complete nor with busy people do I need to meet.

This is a treasured time when I can silently hide and with my Lord quietly confide.

I utter with mild consternation, “Lord, I need your help; to write I need some inspiration.”

I take a quiet stroll through this small town while the sun, perching high, still brightly shone.

A cool, brisk breeze is softly blowing and warning of showers that later will be coming.

Beginning of spring is thankfully seen as the grass is turning emerald green

Yet leafless trees remain wintry bare beneath the sunlight’s softened glare.

Enjoying this quiet and brief retreat, I travel alone as if the world was still asleep.

 Stricken with hard times in this tiny town, merchants have come and gone.

 The hardware store is boarded up and old houses, including mine are in need of fixing up.

But alas, God seems to gently say, “Don’t worry about that; just be glad you’re with me today.”

 So, I ramble along  the empty streets of town and reaching the road’s end I turn around.

  Continuing in my deep and inward contemplation I slowly journey homeward again.

 And behold, dark gray clouds are quickly rolling in so I sigh knowing it would soon rain.

I pass by the old clinic and grocery store; now lifeless, brick relics from many years before.

 A car rumbles along here and there. Though turning gloomy this day had been fine and fair.

Arriving at my destination, I am back home to remain safely inside from the pending rain.

Sitting to record this reminiscing poem, I remember God is with me; I’m never really alone.