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Slowly Breathe In…

Slowly breathe in the fragrance

Of sweet peace in quiet stillness,

The spring scent of a lilac bush, and the

blossoms of new leaves in the forest.

Slowly breathe in the pungent

Aroma of the misty air

Stirred by the shower of rain

In the storm with white lightning glare.

Slowly breathe in the sunlit

Dawn of a fresh new day

Permeated with rays of hope

Chasing doubt and darkness away.

Slowly breathe in the wonder of

God’s never-ending love

Surrounding you in a soft blanket

Sprinkled sun drops of blessings from above.

Slowly breathe in…

Becky’s Haiku: Breathe and New


Autumn gone; winter

In view. Breathe frosty air while

Snow falls fresh and new.

I have attempted yet another haiku challenge from Ronovan Writes blog using the words “breathe” and “new”. I am enjoying the challenge of putting different and even opposite words in such a short poem.  If you like word challenges and haiku’s then I invite you to also accept Ronovan’s latest challenge at this link: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/category/haiku-prompt-challenge/

Becky’s Haiku: Breathe


Step outside and breathe;

See the sunlit sky stretch out

Like the rolling sea.

Inhale the sweet scent

Of Spring with new grass and leaves

Vibrantly blooming.

Hear the wind blow; A

warm yet rustling breeze jostling

the tall dancing trees.

Feel the sun’s warmth as

It softly surrounds you in

It’s orange glowing hue.

Hark the song bird’s chirps

In melodious trills in

The forest and hills.

Look with hope upon

The sunrise letting it fill

Your soul searching eyes.

And let the peace of

This gentle beginning stay

In your heart resting.

May the journey of

This new day begin; a fresh

Though unearned blessing.

Savor the moments

Knowing each is fleeting and

Yet a treasured gift.

Stroll and wander on

Your way remembering this

Day that God has made.