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God’s Gift in Each New Day


God blesses me with new life

through the gift of each new day;

it is up to me to acknowledge him

by faith and to choose to enjoy each

day with a sprint of thankful and

anticipation in my footsteps

as I travel along life’s


Somewhere in this Day

Somewhere in this day is an unhurried

moment in which to sit beneath God’s

unwavering gaze;

and be showered by his love with

droplets of his mercy and never-ending


Somewhere in this day, God sits

patently and waits for me to

draw closer to his gracious throne;

where I can sit in quiet fellowship

with him alone in a restful, silent place.

Somewhere in this day as I

meander and journey along,

I will hear him in the quiet birdsong

underneath the wintry sunshine’s

glowing display.

I then realize he is gently reminding me

that he is much nearer than I think.

And he will reveal himself again

somewhere in this day.


At First

At first, the sun ascended the winter sky.

the day then declared, banishing the dark;

the deep hours of persistent night.

At first, the new snow fallen sparkled

under the light of the shining sun

as if brilliant diamonds were

dispersed in the white frozen surface.

And soon a solitary hare and a squirrel

jumped and ran about on a

creation of ways that interweave

across the ice-crusted pale ground.

At first the oaks, the elm trees,

and the trees of maple,

removed bare of their clothes,

their perfumed autumn garments of resin,

stood resolute to guard this silent scene

where, in the end, there remains

a soft calmness across the ghostly drifts

of twinkled whiteness.

At first a search in the quiet mind:

the trip begins of the thoughtful one

where the heart leads the soul to a

place of relaxing peace.

Becky’s Pantoum: On One Cool and Cloudy Day


On one cool and cloudy day

The usually vibrant sun refused to brightly shine.

As I journeyed along the way

The silver sky threatened to rain.

The usually vibrant sun refused to brightly shine

Although birds did chirp and sing.

The silver sky threatened to rain

As I walked along a quiet lane.

Although birds did chirp and sing

From lush and leafy treetops in the air

As I walked along a quiet lane

Where the grass reflected emerald flair.

From lush and leafy treetops in the air

To the green carpeted ground

Where the grass reflected emerald flair

Raindrops started to drizzle down.

To the green carpeted ground

As the birds hushed their singing

Raindrops started to drizzled down

 I pivoted to return home again.

As the birds hushed their singing

While I journeyed along the way

I pivoted to return home again

On one cool and cloudy day.

Becky’s Sonnet: Waiting for the Sun


I awoke early one dark morn

And waited for the sun to dawn.

I lay in bed a bit forlorn

Yet anxious to see the gloriously rising sun.

Darkness wrapped around me like a knitted shroud

As I rested as quietly as could be.

But lo! Only gray billowing clouds

Through the slatted window I could see.

Yet still a dim light did appear

Ushering the darkness away;

No more murky shadows to fear

As deep night transformed to day.

Therefore, with a lifted heart graced by hope

I began a new day’s journey upon life’s emerging slope.


Autumn in the Air


Days are ever shorter

And gradually cooler;

As a later sun rise

Filters the morning sky.

Clusters of dangling leaves

Still adorned in shades of green

While clinging to their branching vines

Against the tide of passing time.

But then pause, look, and behold:

Vibrant splashes of yellow, orange, and gold.

And a leaf here and there

Silently lets go floating in the air.

The vaulting sky still illuminates radiant sunshine

As if determined to thwart the swiftly encroaching night.

Squirrels and other creatures too scurry to and fro

Gathering acorns and food before that first winter snow.

Days become ever cooler still

Until there is a blowing wintry chill

And all too soon all the once vivid leaves

Loosen their grasp in a blustery breeze

Fluttering downward, carpeting the ground;

Naturally accepting their time had come.

So quietly Autumn exits allowing Winter

To have its season amid this transitioning weather.

But even so with each new passing day,

I will choose to cherish this time that the Lord has made.

Becky’s Pantoum: On a Warm Summer Day



While studying about poetry, I learned about a new form of poem known as a pantoum. Such a poem can contain a number of stanzas with each stanza making up 4 lines. The rule is to repeat the lines and in doing so link the stanzas together into a continuing story. Repetitive phrases begin in the 2nd stanza as the second and fourth lines of the first stanza become the first and third lines of the next stanza. Follow that pattern with each new stanza until the last. In the last stanza the 2nd and 4th line of the previous refrain still become the 1st and 3rd lines in the final stanza and then also the 1st and 3rd lines of the very first stanza become the 4th and 2nd lines of the last stanza respectively. The poem is linked together in one narrative, or story, with the very first phrase of the poem becoming also the conclusion.  

On a warm summer day

The lemon orbed sun had dawned

Stretching its transparent rays

To softly caress the ground.

The lemon orbed sun dawned

Waking the robins and chickadees to sing;

To softly caress the ground

While a twittering chorus does ring.

Waking the robins and chickadees to sing,

The sun continues to rise;

While a twittering chorus rings

Filling the endless prairie sky.

The sun continues to rise

Stretching its transparent rays;

Filling the endless prairie sky

On a warm summer day.

Becky’s Haiku: The Lord Leads Me



The Lord always leads

Me even though I don’t see

His hand holding me.

He does forever

Stay in my heart this moment.

This hour and all day.

Teaching and even

Guiding me in his love while

Sitting high above.

In heaven over

The clouds and the rain reaching

With his outstretched hand.

He holds on never

Letting go while I rest or

Walk this road alone.

Raining sunshine to

Brighten my way so I know

This day he has made.

Dawn’s Gleaming Light


One morning I awoke just before

The dawn’s gleaming light.

Darkness clung like a thorny blackberry

Briar and I thought, “Lo, it’s still night.”

Then eventually as daylight streamed

I glimpsed the grayish, cloud-filled sky;

 How I so wished to see more sun

And watch the glowing orb journey and rise.

How I deeply yearned to be caressed by

Its’ stretching rays of warmth;

Like listening once again to the familiar

Sound of my mother’s soft spoken voice.

The gentleness of her laughter and to

Hear glad-laden words from her lips depart

Would undoubtedly uplift my downturned

Spirit and quicken my beating heart.

How long ago memories do so

Gently prick and needle me

As I rest and remember how

My childhood life used to be.

But lo, I realized with a sudden start

As a new thought occurred and

Did quicken my heart.

The Lord has blessed me with

Another sunshine-filled new day

To cherish it thankfully

And grasp joy along the way.

So, as I gaze upon the dawn’s

Early gleaming light.

I’ll arise, embark on a journey

Letting the Lord be my friend and guide.