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When Feelings take Charge


When unsuppressed feelings take charge,

I often overindulge my yearning heart.

Oh yes, that’s the deep danger of

Releasing myself in worldly lust and love.

And when that passion ceases and finally ends

My soul is torn and empty once again.

I need to safely guard my wayward heart

In everlasting truth and the way of the Lord.

He wants me to turn and to flee far from sin

Knowing it breaks and tears my heart within.

It burdens my spirit and leaves great pain

With feelings of guilt and hidden shame.

Oh such sad deep grief I often do bear

When I’ve fallen into sin’s deceptive snare.

Time to be still and quietly kneel before

The Lord admitting in my own words,

“Lord, I have sinned again  and am so sorry;

Please do forgive me and still love me.

Help me to turn away on this new day

From this great sin that impedes my way.

Help me to do my best to live and be still

Inside the pleasant boundaries of your good will.

Thank you for sending Jesus to give

His own life so that I may forever live.

For upon that cross oh so many years ago

He paid for all the wickedness of my sinful soul.

Help me to constantly remember you through this new day

And lead me Lord renewed as I journey along life’s way.”

Becky’s Song: Come, God Told Me



(Tune: Little Drummer Boy):


“Come,” God told me, “come see my Son

Come to Jesus the King, come see my Son”

“But I am unworthy,” I cried to him,

“Not wanted and unloved so

Why should I come?

Why should I come?

Why should I come?”

“Because I know you child and so does my Son;

And you are loved by him.”


“Oh, King Jesus, God told me to come

But I am not worthy to stand before your throne

I’m utterly sinful and so unwanted,

Wretched, unlovable so

Why should I come?

Why should I come?

Why should I come?”

“Because I have forgiven you, oh don’t you see?

I will make you be holy through me.”


Then God nodded as he was pleased

To see me come fully believing in Thee.

Jesus came then to live in my heart.

Jesus promised to stay and

Never ever depart

Never ever depart

Never ever depart.

For God so love this world, oh can you see?

He sent Jesus to save you and me.


John 3:16-17 (Holy Bible New International Version):

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world through him.”