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Holy celebration on springtime morn:

Everlasting is Jesus, Our Savior and Lord!

In heaven now where he forever reigns:

Salvation he has brought; praise be his glorious name!!

Resurrected from the grip of death;

In hope he lives, ever victorious.

Son rises and shines on us early Easter morning:

Eternal life he is gladly giving.

Now and for all eternity,

He lives inside the hearts of all who believe.

Happy Easter

A Christmas Poem


Kiss and taste this Christmas season;

Enjoy quiet moments with God’s Son.

Remember and keep in your heart

How God promised his Son from afar

To descend from the glory of heaven

And dwell with sinful and erring man.

He arrived as a babe born in a stable

Where a manger of hay was his cradle.

He lived on earth to teach us about heaven

Where all who believe will live with him.

Baptized and touched by a descending dove,

He came to share with us God’s never ending love.

Though he died on a cross he also rose again

And has returned to the realms of heaven.

But as the Holy Spirit, he descends

To live in the hearts of believing men.

For all who choose to joyously believe

And this eternal gift of God has gladly received,

May your heart be filled to the brim

Of everlasting Christmas blessings from Him.



Becky’s Freku: Though the Path be Dark Today


In the cloud-filled, dreariness of this day,

While the sunlight be dim along the way,

With Jesus I can still walk in faith

Though the path be dark today.

Although troubles brew and haunt my soul

And I feel empty and lacking a life purpose or goal,

With Jesus I can still walk by faith

Though the path be dark today.

As the rain drizzles outside

And in my house I just want to hide,

With Jesus I can still walk by faith

Though the path be dark today.

Even as I awake in clouds of doubt

Wondering what my life is really about,

With Jesus I can still walk by faith

Though the path be dark today.

As I gingerly step outside in fear

Wondering what new obstacles may appear,

With Jesus I can still walk by faith

Though the path be dark today.

Believing the sun will shine again

Evaporating the clouds and drizzling rain,

With Jesus I can still walk by faith

Though the path be dark today.

Choosing to trust that he is my light

Who helps me to see in the darkest night,

With Jesus I can still walk by faith

Though the path be dark today.

Yeah! With Jesus, I

still walk by faith though my path

is darkened today.

Remember Jesus is always near


Cling to your faith and let go of your fear;

Remember Jesus is always near.

He is never too far or out of reach;

Only trust and earnestly seek.

Though troubles rise up like ocean waves

Which threaten to overwhelm and overtake

Our trembling spirits and our souls

In peals of crashing thunder rolls.

Time to stop gazing at the swirling sea

And also ignore the wind-swept swaying trees.

Instead in faith lift your tear-filled eyes

To the heavenly realms above the clouded sky.

Where the Lord stands watching over you

And sees all that you are going through.

He’s leaning over with an outstretched had

To pull you out of the gripping quicksand.

He is just a prayer, a phone call, away

Waiting to swiftly come to your aid.

Must call on him and truly believe

He can calm any turbulent sea.

And bring you to a safe and peaceful place

Where you can rest and be restored in faith.

So, cling to your faith and let go of your fear;

Remember Jesus is always near.

Becky’s Haiku: Fray, Veil, and Secret


More frayed by trials

 of life, then I veil growing

fear deep down inside.

Oh yes hidden fears

And insecurities; such

Secrets I do keep.

Like shadows in the

darkness, anxiety hides

beneath the surface.

Need to release that

Worry; let go of that fear

While to God, draw near.

Need to have faith and

Believe that He stays near to

Help and comfort me.

Remember his ways

And his love while looking to

Heaven far above.

Take his hand and let

Him lead through this new day and

His blessings receive.

When the day is done

And time to rest remember he

Stays near and knows best.

Say a prayer filled with

Sincere gratitude while he

Keeps watch over you.

I have just attempted yet another haiku challenge from Ronovan Writes blog using the words “fray” and “veil”. I am enjoying the challenge of putting different and even opposite words in such a short poem.  If you like challenges and haiku’s then I invite you to also accept his latest challenge at this link: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/category/haiku-prompt-challenge/

I am also participating in a photo challenge this week with the word “secret”. To find out more about word photo challenges visit this site: https://thearanartisan.com/photo-challenge-words-2016/


Becky’s Song: Come, God Told Me



(Tune: Little Drummer Boy):


“Come,” God told me, “come see my Son

Come to Jesus the King, come see my Son”

“But I am unworthy,” I cried to him,

“Not wanted and unloved so

Why should I come?

Why should I come?

Why should I come?”

“Because I know you child and so does my Son;

And you are loved by him.”


“Oh, King Jesus, God told me to come

But I am not worthy to stand before your throne

I’m utterly sinful and so unwanted,

Wretched, unlovable so

Why should I come?

Why should I come?

Why should I come?”

“Because I have forgiven you, oh don’t you see?

I will make you be holy through me.”


Then God nodded as he was pleased

To see me come fully believing in Thee.

Jesus came then to live in my heart.

Jesus promised to stay and

Never ever depart

Never ever depart

Never ever depart.

For God so love this world, oh can you see?

He sent Jesus to save you and me.


John 3:16-17 (Holy Bible New International Version):

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world but to save the world through him.”


God’s Night Light in the Sky


One night I gazed into the darkened sky and saw the fullest moon shining so bright.

It was God’s lesser light you may see to rule at night over land and sea.

It was his night light which he purposed to be glowing brightly as I quietly sleep.

For God’s silent presence fills the night air to comfort me and chase away my fears.

God’s night light shimmers in the blackened sky to fend off evilness lurking in the still night.

He has promised to faithfully stay nearby to keep me safe until the dawn of morning light.

It is his night light you must see glowing ever brightly for you and me.

God keeps all his promises you should know so we would believe and never let go.

Yes it is God’s night light in the sky to brighten up the deepest, darkest night.

He turns on his night light just for you and me so we may clearly see and firmly believe.

He keeps his night light on in that darkened sky while keeping watch through the night.

So we may gently and peacefully sleep as God’s night light quietly shines over land and sea.

Keep on Believing


I awoke this morning filled with many worries and wishing all my troubles away.

I prayed to my Lord but didn’t really believe he would answer me today.

It was a long day ahead of me and I rolled out of bed so very reluctantly.

I ate a little breakfast and turned on some news.

Although storms and wind are predicted, the sky is a brilliant blue!

It was a sign of hope that God had left for me

if only I’d stop doubting and just believe.

I made my way to work helping people throughout the day

While all the time worrying and wishing my own troubles away.

I longingly check my mailbox at my work office

Hoping for some correspondence to ease my troubles a bit

But nothing is there so I continue the day with worries to bear

I help a few more people trying to ease their worries and woes

Get one problem solved, but a few more to go!

My day is almost complete, have just one more person to meet.

She has a complex dilemma and so we devise a plausible plan

To satisfy her worries and restore hopefulness once again.

Back to the office I go still troubling over my own woes

I check my mailbox one more time searching hard to see

Lo, a yellow piece of mail; ah, I then knew the Lord had answered me.

Why do I continue to worry so much; why do I not fully believe?

For the Lord is always listening and quietly watching over me.

And I’m reminded that he gives me plenty of reasons

To not doubt him but just keep on believing.

Trying To Trust God Today


I’m trying to trust God today and not rush in anything I do or say.

Such a challenging thing to do, to just trust, believe and to God stay true.

So many times, I just won’t believe, if one mishap occurs, I fail so miserably.

I fail to stop, pray and wait for God to show me which path to take.

I fail to pause and quietly listen to the loving and guiding words coming from him.

When trouble does suddenly brew, I tense up tight wondering, “What should I do?”

In my anxious and frantic state I might cry out, “Now, what? Who made this mistake?”

So I fume to God’s dismay refusing his tender nudge to accept his wiser way.

So often I fail to understand God’s love and his gentle guiding hand.

I fail to joyfully gaze and see, his fatherly eyes silently watching me.

I fail to believe and know that he’s determined where my path should go.

I fail to sit so quietly and just let his perfect calming peace come rest in me.

But today, I am trying hard to keep my eyes closely focused on the Lord

Therefore I am trying to trust God today and not rush in anything I do or say.