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Tender words of God soothing my soul;

Harmonious and sweet hymns soon follow.

Awake and stirring inside of me

Never ending source of lasting peace.

Kindest showers of blessings from Jesus;

Flowing and bubbling through the Holy Spirit.

Under the Lord’s loving and ever watchful eye

Lingering in the stillness with a contented sigh.

Hearing and cherishing the sweet words of him;

Ever mindful of God’s all-knowing wisdom.

After a long and struggling day,

Remembering Jesus is still leading the way.

Trusting and believing fully in him,

My heart is happy and thankful within.

May You Find Your Happy Place



Whether it be at night while gazing at the stars and full moon

Or watching the golden sun rise or seeing it reach high noon,

May you find your happy place where you’re content and feel blissfully free;

Where you discover within yourself peaceful serenity.

Whether it be in the late evening when only the crickets are singing

Or in the early dawn when the morning bells are gently ringing,

May you find your happy place where you and God can quietly be;

Where you’re wrapped in his love with a hint heaven-scented eternity.

Whether walking in the forest where robins and meadow larks sing in the trees

Or sitting on the sandy seashore where your bare skin tingles in the wet, salty breeze,

May you find your happy place; a silent refuge from the world of grief;

Where your hurting soul is showered in soothing, quenching relief.

Whether you’re sitting in the park in the warmth of the glistening sunlight

Or lying awake in the still moments of the deepest, darkest night,

May you find your happy place where your spirit gladly rests;

Where you remember you are deeply loved and forever blessed.