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Crystal blue sunlit skies;

Early Easter morning sunrise.

Leaves appearing; hints of emerald green

Enveloping the once barren trees

Branches reaching skyward and wild wood thickets;

Robins strumming, croaking frogs, and chirping crickets.

Aroma of a warm, refreshing rain;

Thunder rumbles occasionally on the horizon.

Evenings stretching into sun-gilded twilight;

Soft shimmering moon hovers in the starry night.

Purple violets dotting the grass-laden meadow;

Rabbits hopping and scampering squirrels

In the forest hidden by leafy boughs,

New fawn and doe quietly wandering about.

Gifts of new life and hope emerging: new treasures

found in the season of Spring.

ABC Poem: Spring

Arrival of fluttering and twittering birds

Blue jays, robins and flocks of Canadian geese.

Choir of joyful honks, tweets, and staccato chirps

Descending and floating on a gentle, warm breeze.

Ever minute leaflets and sporadic

Foliage of soft lemon green.

Grass blades sprout and appear;

Hope takes silent wing

Infiltering the warmer air.

Jagged tree limbs gently swish and sway in

Kindred orchestrated choreography.

Long slender branches in dancing display;

Moving, waving rhythmically.

New aromas permeate the wafting wind;

Over the fields and upon the meadows

Purple and white lilac blossoms

Quietly add their sweet-scented seasoning.

Red tulips; also, white, orange, pink and yellow

Softly paint the land in a colorful rainbow.

Tender green clover and dandelions sprout

Underneath the warm rays of a sunbeam.

Vivid blue, the sky illuminates its hue

While ushering in with joyful

Exultation this

Year’s new season of Spring;

Zippered between the start of summer and

Winter’s reluctant and blustery end.

Becky’s Pantoum: On a Warm Summer Day



While studying about poetry, I learned about a new form of poem known as a pantoum. Such a poem can contain a number of stanzas with each stanza making up 4 lines. The rule is to repeat the lines and in doing so link the stanzas together into a continuing story. Repetitive phrases begin in the 2nd stanza as the second and fourth lines of the first stanza become the first and third lines of the next stanza. Follow that pattern with each new stanza until the last. In the last stanza the 2nd and 4th line of the previous refrain still become the 1st and 3rd lines in the final stanza and then also the 1st and 3rd lines of the very first stanza become the 4th and 2nd lines of the last stanza respectively. The poem is linked together in one narrative, or story, with the very first phrase of the poem becoming also the conclusion.  

On a warm summer day

The lemon orbed sun had dawned

Stretching its transparent rays

To softly caress the ground.

The lemon orbed sun dawned

Waking the robins and chickadees to sing;

To softly caress the ground

While a twittering chorus does ring.

Waking the robins and chickadees to sing,

The sun continues to rise;

While a twittering chorus rings

Filling the endless prairie sky.

The sun continues to rise

Stretching its transparent rays;

Filling the endless prairie sky

On a warm summer day.



Sun shimmering light brightens the crystal blue sky

Purple lilac blossoms emitting their fragrant perfume.

Rain fed grass glistens like sparkling green Depression glass.

Ivy plants and trees sway ever so softly in the breeze.

Nesting robins call and sing forming a musical chanting ring.

Gentle warmth surrounds me like a soft cloak of perfect peace.

Dandelions dot the emerald lawns displaying their lemon hue at morning’s dawn.

A quiet walk along the tranquil street proves to be a pleasant journey.

Yielding my still heart and mind to the presence of God; holy and divine.




Raindrops patter and fall emitting

A fresh scent and a dampened glow

While the warming sun melts away

The last of the lingering snow.

The brittle, dead grass turns green

Coming to life once again.

Baby leaves sprout on the trees

As robins build their nests and sing.

The vast aqua blue sky crowns the

Washed and renewed earth

Generating a sense of hope to

The weary and tired world.

Winter has finally exited marking

The end of its blistery season

Just as the wise and loving Lord

Had planned in his infinite reason.