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Once Upon a Rainy Saturday


I searched and found a book to read once upon a rainy Saturday

When I didn’t need to venture out but could peacefully listen to the rain.

There’s something sweet and refreshing when just quietly resting

While listening to the pelting stream; it’s staccato rhythm almost caressing.

So I rested upon my soft bed feeling warm, content and snug

And I opened up a book; one that I have read just once.

As with hidden anticipation I read page by page,

I became enveloped and was transported to another place.

And lo, I also entered another era of time; sometimes the past or the future.

I then see another world which only my mind can view and capture.

And soon along the story line I find my ever persevering hero

And closely follow him through his trials and many troubles.

Oh how I do root my hero and become ever so worried

As problems abound and to succeed he must indeed hurry.

He must find his courage and discover his inner confidence

Before it is too late as timeliness is of utmost essence.

As I eagerly read along, I also quietly stop and pause;

I contemplate and wonder while hearing the drumming rain outside.

Then I close my ever sleepy eyes and take a nap for just a bit.

But soon opening my eyes again I find the page where I had left.

So page by page I read the story to the end

And relish in the final victory my brave hero has won.

Twas such a pleasant and ever delightful way

To spend once upon a rainy Saturday.

Saturday’s Journey


I awoke to a quiet Saturday morning with sunlight glistening across the bluish horizon;

The tranquil sky resembles a sea tinted lake minus the ripples drifting across its’ face.

Such loneliness without human company but I needed with the Lord to just quietly be.

An opportunity with no urgent tasks to complete nor with busy people do I need to meet.

This is a treasured time when I can silently hide and with my Lord quietly confide.

I utter with mild consternation, “Lord, I need your help; to write I need some inspiration.”

I take a quiet stroll through this small town while the sun, perching high, still brightly shone.

A cool, brisk breeze is softly blowing and warning of showers that later will be coming.

Beginning of spring is thankfully seen as the grass is turning emerald green

Yet leafless trees remain wintry bare beneath the sunlight’s softened glare.

Enjoying this quiet and brief retreat, I travel alone as if the world was still asleep.

 Stricken with hard times in this tiny town, merchants have come and gone.

 The hardware store is boarded up and old houses, including mine are in need of fixing up.

But alas, God seems to gently say, “Don’t worry about that; just be glad you’re with me today.”

 So, I ramble along  the empty streets of town and reaching the road’s end I turn around.

  Continuing in my deep and inward contemplation I slowly journey homeward again.

 And behold, dark gray clouds are quickly rolling in so I sigh knowing it would soon rain.

I pass by the old clinic and grocery store; now lifeless, brick relics from many years before.

 A car rumbles along here and there. Though turning gloomy this day had been fine and fair.

Arriving at my destination, I am back home to remain safely inside from the pending rain.

Sitting to record this reminiscing poem, I remember God is with me; I’m never really alone.