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A Quiet Journey

The soft wind brushed against my cheeks

while the sun wrapped my arms in a

blanket of warmth.

As I meandered near a cluster of pine

and deciduous trees;

I imagined walking along the

shoreline of the ocean and seeing

the rolling waves rise and tumble with

a reverberating thunderous roar.

Witnessing the water pile up and swirl

with a majestic life of its own;

I could watch and be

mesmerized by it all day long.

But no, here I am in a quiet,

tranquil place strolling along

a lonely road where in the eve

of the autumnal season

wildflowers have started

to wither and go to seed.

There is a hint of scattered,

turning leaves even though

it is summer, still.

I continued my journey

going around a bend traveling

up and down an occasional hill.

As I pass by the placid forest

I can hear the chirping of the

crickets’ unseen chorus.

Tis really an aimless venture

with no purpose but to think and

ponder. But finally, as I

strolled while getting lost

in the labyrinth of my own


I decided just to enjoy this

journey with a thankful heart

and a mind intent on

capturing the peacefulness

of this day as it leads into

the twilight of a gentle

and solemn conclusion.

Finally, the sun is dipping

Downward ever so softly

on the horizon;

casting a gentle pink glow

across fields and meadow.

This quiet day, indeed,

has come to a soft and gentle end.

Becky’s Rondel: One Moonlit Night


I peered into the moonlit sky one night

Which was not black but rather a metallic blue;

In that sea of a rich royal hue

The full moon displayed a brilliant light.

As if to outshine the sun’s blazing and vibrant daylight

That over the hours of day since ancient times has ruled.

As if in an unannounced contest to see whose best or right

Therefore shine gloriously it did that perfect orbed moon.

The fine moon dust paraded in vivid sheer white

Against the curtain of deep midnight blue

Glowing brightly over the land in deep darkness subdued

While surrounded by a host of minute starry lights.

Perhaps one day that cratered sphere will discover in the quiet lull of night

Peaceful contentment to reside in its dim and softer hue.



Wind whistling through the trees;

Honeysuckle waves in the breeze.

Invisible birdsong filters the air;

Sunshine warmth makes the day fair.

Pine trees, ever green, punctuate the horizon;

Ear tingling croaks and chirps chime in.

Reddish glowing sunset;

Evening fireflies flutter and rest.

Day gently fades to darkened night;

Heavens glisten with twinkling starry lights.

Overhead the full moon dimly glows;

Peace and quiet reign beneath its shadow.

Even in the deepest and darkest night,

May the flame of hope in our soul

Be a shimmering, radiant light.

Becky’s Freku: A Wintry Scene


A winter snowscape awaited me

As one day I gazed out to see

The slender trees mostly bare of their leafy crowns

Motionless as statues in the morning dawn.

Pale sky and ground white with snow

Greeted me outside my window.

A damp chill hung in the wintry air

While inside the temps remained warm and fair.

Such as still and quiet scene

Covered by a soft blanket of gentle peace.

It is the Lord’s loving and nurturing way

Silently reminding that everything will be okay.

Chilled wintry day touched

By God’s peace and grace; I then

Know all is okay.



Soft, minute crystals everywhere

Night time sparkles filter the air

Often drifting on a frigid breeze

White splendor with a diamond gleam

Falling silently all around

Landing gently on the ground

All gathered to create a vivid wintry scene

Kindly making this world peacefully serene

Ever quiet and lasting until

Sunshine bursts forth in a warming spell

The Quiet Road


Thank you Lord for this quiet country road

Where I can travel at a peaceful and leisurely stroll.

Thank you Lord for the wide prairie, fields, and forest green

Such nourishment for my soul which hungers for gentle tranquility.

Thank you Lord for this less traveled path through the countryside

For it is the roadway you have shown to me, it is my silent guide.

Thank you Lord for the wild flowers that I see along the way.

A splash of yellow, orange, or purple to brighten my day.

Thank you Lord for the peaceful places to quietly rest

Where I can slow my thoughts and pause from my daily quest.

Thank you Lord for remaining faithfully inside of me

For when I’m most alone, you gently keep me company.

Quiet Green Eyes


Quiet green eyes remain riveted, hardly shifting

While silently watching me.

What could she be thinking as she remains so

Still, with her keen, silent eyes focused so intently?

She barely blinks with her piercing,

 wide eyed stare, deeply and steadfastly set

As her body remains perfectly poised

like a small, firmly placed statuette.

Quiet green eyes keep tracking me

As I work and pace busily to and fro

Finally I sit and my green eyed bundle of fur climbs on

My lap murmuring a soft and contented “meow.”

Saturday’s Journey


I awoke to a quiet Saturday morning with sunlight glistening across the bluish horizon;

The tranquil sky resembles a sea tinted lake minus the ripples drifting across its’ face.

Such loneliness without human company but I needed with the Lord to just quietly be.

An opportunity with no urgent tasks to complete nor with busy people do I need to meet.

This is a treasured time when I can silently hide and with my Lord quietly confide.

I utter with mild consternation, “Lord, I need your help; to write I need some inspiration.”

I take a quiet stroll through this small town while the sun, perching high, still brightly shone.

A cool, brisk breeze is softly blowing and warning of showers that later will be coming.

Beginning of spring is thankfully seen as the grass is turning emerald green

Yet leafless trees remain wintry bare beneath the sunlight’s softened glare.

Enjoying this quiet and brief retreat, I travel alone as if the world was still asleep.

 Stricken with hard times in this tiny town, merchants have come and gone.

 The hardware store is boarded up and old houses, including mine are in need of fixing up.

But alas, God seems to gently say, “Don’t worry about that; just be glad you’re with me today.”

 So, I ramble along  the empty streets of town and reaching the road’s end I turn around.

  Continuing in my deep and inward contemplation I slowly journey homeward again.

 And behold, dark gray clouds are quickly rolling in so I sigh knowing it would soon rain.

I pass by the old clinic and grocery store; now lifeless, brick relics from many years before.

 A car rumbles along here and there. Though turning gloomy this day had been fine and fair.

Arriving at my destination, I am back home to remain safely inside from the pending rain.

Sitting to record this reminiscing poem, I remember God is with me; I’m never really alone.