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Born to die to hopelessness; born to live in God’s amazing grace.

Born to suffer and endure; born to rest in God’s warm embrace.

Born into worldly sin; born to learn of God’s great love.

Born to be forgiven by the Lord who lives far above.

Born to walk on this earth in humility and trials, yet in hope.

Born to be a light by showing the eternal brightness of tomorrow.

Born to feel pain, shed tears and quietly weep

Letting God gently wipe our tear streaked cheeks.

Born to live in renewed joy and peace today

While walking in God’s love throughout the outstretched day.

Born to endure the long nights when sleep does not come easily.

Born to quietly lie still while the Lord keeps us company.

Born not to remain stuck and glued to our hurting present or past

But to thrive in lasting hope while onto Jesus, holding fast.

Born to wait ever so trusting and ever so patiently

Knowing that one day, Jesus’ shining face, we’ll finally see.

Writing 101 Day 20: Treasure


The Things I Treasure

Family and lifelong friends

Whose love prevails and never ends.

A vivid blue and warm day

Where glowing sunshine lights the way.

A new path in life; a new road to adventure

And where it might lead I can only wonder.

Sweet melodious birdsong filling the breeze

As the feathered carolers perched in the lofty trees.

Meadows and wildflowers I do adore;

Black-eyed Susans, daisies and more.

Strolling through the forest of towering trees

Oh how Spring gives birth to such emerald beauty.

A quiet, rainy day when I rest inside

Reading and writing to my heart’s delight.

Returning home and walking down memory lane;

Visiting loved ones and close friends.

Walking on the beach and feeling the spray of the sea;

Feeling the sand surround and envelop my bare feet.

Sitting at the park and listening to the whispering wind

Sifting through the branches; softly heard but not seen.

In deep conversation with a close friend

In whom my quiet trust will never end.

Seeing a lemon-tinted sunrise in the early morning

And a glowing orange sunset in the warm evening.

Have the love of Jesus residing in my heart wiping away my sorrows

As he instills hope for today, through the night, and tomorrow.


Writing 101 Day 17: Fear


The Things I Fear

I am afraid of many things; indeed I have many fears.

Sometimes I fear what I can’t see or the sounds that I do hear.

I fear loud percussion thunderstorms rippling through the sky;

I also fear zigzag flashes of lightening searing through the night.

I fear snakes, lizards and all sorts of crawling and slithering reptiles

As well as spiders, ants and beetles creeping across the floor tile.

I can expel a harrowing scream if a bat flies in flapping its wings;

they swish like soft blades in the night

and I still hear him even when out of sight.

I also screamed, frightening my mother terribly

when stung by a buzzing, angry bumble bee.

I fear traveling in the winter in the freezing rain, drizzle or snow;

I also fear the screeching, howling wind as the harder it blows.

Sometimes I fear strange scratching noises and thumps in the night

For once in the darkness, a loud scraping branch gave me such a fright.

I fear large animals living and hiding in the woods and the land;

I take care to travel, walk and hike in safety as much as I can.

I fear unexpected accidents as I journey and wander along the way.

For once I was painfully injured when trapped in deep mud one fine day.

The muddy plain had behaved like sinking quicksand holding me fast

And taking all of my strength and might to pull free at long last.

I fear other people and the unkind comments they sometimes make

Trying their best to be hurtful and make sure I feel alone, not wanted, and unsafe.

Or they like to point out all of my flaws in life; for not one comment is enough

But must make certain that I know I am unworthy, and fully inadequate.

For then i may choose to hide myself and my feelings in a little room

where I feel safe from the world in my private and tiny cocoon.

Often I fear tomorrow; not knowing what it may bring.

I fear the mysterious future; being so unclear, so uncertain.

I fear trekking on this obscure and bumpy pathway through this road of life

Where darkness tries to overwhelm me and so I strain to see the light.

But no matter what I fear today in this life in its many uncertainties,

I know Jesus is in my heart and my future with him is hope and eternity.

Night of the Talking Computer



It is usually quite the challenge for me to write a humorous piece but every so often I feel compelled to try. Recently, I had a long night working on my old laptop computer to complete a certain task assigned to me.  It was a very, long  and frustrating night but afterward, I felt I had a rather comical tale to tell. It is interesting how, God helps me see humor in a trying situation. I hope my silly story here helps you to have a small laugh and a smile today:

One night I stayed up late as I had a computer date.

A task I must complete so I typed and typed upon that screen.

I finally had all my typing done and time for the printing to begin.

Easy task I thought: just tether my computer to my printer

And then tell my computer to go while watching the paper smoothly flow.

But lo, I found I was very wrong for I pressed ‘print’ and no printing had begun.

Computer and printer would not communicate so I wailed with no time to waste.

I looked again upon the computer screen which reported an urgent message to me;

It seems I needed just the right driver to finish connecting to the printer.

The driver was a software program instructing my printer how to run.

That driver was needed I well know to tell my printer to print and go.

But where was that driver I had no clue; I searched and search until I was weary blue.

With no driver I would not finish on time, I wouldn’t be done by the determined deadline.

So dejected, I sat on the floor and wailed and cried a little more.

Oh where did that driver run off to? No time to go AWOL as we have important work to do.

My computer demanded his presence; he mustn’t go missing; he cannot be absent.

Finally it dawned on me just where that sneaky driver might be.

I hurried to my wearied feet and lo I found him silently hiding from me.

Quickly I opened the CD-ROM drive and set the driver firmly inside.

Soon computer and printer could communicate and begin printing with no time to waste.

So I waited in hope and anticipation for pages of printing to begin.

But instead of humming like a well oiled machine a new warning appeared upon my screen:

“Something is wrong with your printer”.  I circled my computer and muttered,

“Your message is no help, Computer, for you don’t tell me what really is the matter.”

Suddenly my computer spoke aloud. So startled was I that I almost jumped into the clouds.

In unfeeling tone, my computer spoke to me, “Look at the message on the screen.”

I began to tremble and fear for my computer now had a voice and ears.

Meekly I returned to my seat and studied the message on the screen.

A problem occurred with the ink. Oh what a bother, what a stink.

First they were in reverse order; the color was in the black slot while black was place of color.

Then they were not correctly placed as I had re-inserted them with such haste.

Finally, the ink was too old and too dry so needed new cartridges; a new supply.

Thankfully I had new ones; a few spare which were stored nearby with gentle care.

So, I  retrieved and inserted them in. Then I waited anxiously for the printing to begin.

It finally started, oh great joy I felt. Soon would end my long night of toil.

As each page passed through the feed, my monotone computer would dutifully repeat:

“Printing started, printing complete. Printing started, printing complete…”

Finally the last page passed through and there was no more printing left to do!

Sleepily, wearily, I climbed into bed with the voice of a talking computer stuck in my head.

In the blessed silence, I fell asleep being thankful that my task was finished and complete.

Tomorrow will arrive soon; another day to face a new hurdle, a new challenge, along the way.

Journeying Towards TOMORROW


Twilight descends darkening the horizon

Over is this day as night time settles in

Mindful in prayer of all God has done

Overwhelmed by his mercy, grace, and love

Reminiscing  of the days and years swiftly passing by

Renewing my heart in hope while dreams fill my mind

Onward I look towards a new dawning day

Walking in the sunshine with Jesus leading the way

Remember Hope


If you are saddened or hurt and your heart is

filled with the deepest sorrow

Then remember and hold on to hope;

There will be a new day, a better tomorrow.