Perhaps there will be a Rainbow


I awoke early one dark morn

And knew there may be a storm.

Oh, how I deeply yearned and sighed

As I gazed up into the dreary sky.

I so wished the clouds to go away

And this would be a much brighter day.

But I knew I needed to be content

With what God had planned; what he had meant.

For I realized the Lord knows what’s best for me

Although I don’t always understand or see.

But I hoped as I tarried along my way

Just perhaps there will be a rainbow today.

Oh that rainbow, that colorful sign in the sky

Which meant God is watching from up high;

A reminder that he faithfully keeps his promises

Through his Holy Word and through his son, Jesus.

That curving multi-colored arch is a testament

That God keeps his promises, his laws, and commandments.

Therefore, no new law or clever scheme of man

Can ever thwart God’s wisdom or alter his plan.

For from the time of Genesis and up to now,

He has maintained what is holy, right, and moral.

And also through his deep love and Jesus’ sacrifice,

We can draw near to him to receive forgiveness and lasting grace.

In our own way we each have strayed and sinned;

We’ve hurt others and deeply grieved him.

But God’s deep love endures as he never gives up;

he patiently waits for our return through his son, Jesus.

Oh to see that sight as I walk through life up a slippery slope;

That sign from God conveying his love and enduring hope.

So just maybe as I slowly tread and journey along the way,

Perhaps there will be a rainbow in the sky today.

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