Daily Archives: June 9, 2016

Remember Jesus is always near


Cling to your faith and let go of your fear;

Remember Jesus is always near.

He is never too far or out of reach;

Only trust and earnestly seek.

Though troubles rise up like ocean waves

Which threaten to overwhelm and overtake

Our trembling spirits and our souls

In peals of crashing thunder rolls.

Time to stop gazing at the swirling sea

And also ignore the wind-swept swaying trees.

Instead in faith lift your tear-filled eyes

To the heavenly realms above the clouded sky.

Where the Lord stands watching over you

And sees all that you are going through.

He’s leaning over with an outstretched had

To pull you out of the gripping quicksand.

He is just a prayer, a phone call, away

Waiting to swiftly come to your aid.

Must call on him and truly believe

He can calm any turbulent sea.

And bring you to a safe and peaceful place

Where you can rest and be restored in faith.

So, cling to your faith and let go of your fear;

Remember Jesus is always near.



Futuristic and hopeful vision

Of our eternal home in heaven.

Centered life upon our savior Jesus;

Unselifishly, he died to save us.

Seeds of new life and peace from above

Entered and sprinkled our inner souls with love.

Delivered and planted by our Lord.

Harvested in faith by believing His Word.

Every day we can pray, worship, and celebrate

At the amazing glory of his saving grace.

Rescued and redeemed to live with him forever

Today, tomorrow, and ever after.