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Futuristic and hopeful vision

Of our eternal home in heaven.

Centered life upon our savior Jesus;

Unselifishly, he died to save us.

Seeds of new life and peace from above

Entered and sprinkled our inner souls with love.

Delivered and planted by our Lord.

Harvested in faith by believing His Word.

Every day we can pray, worship, and celebrate

At the amazing glory of his saving grace.

Rescued and redeemed to live with him forever

Today, tomorrow, and ever after.

I Never Want to Forget


I never want to forget my mittens, scarf, and hat.

I never want to forget to feed m y two cats.

I never want to forget my clothes at the laundromat.

And I never want to forget why I am here or where I’m at.

I never want to forget my purse and my car keys.

I never want to forget my bags of groceries.

I never want to forget which day it is of the week.

And I never want to forget my dearest friends and family.

I never want to forget my mom’s soft voice and her smiling face.

I never want to forget my dad’s laughter and warm embrace.

I never want to forget that Jesus is leading me from place to place

And I never want to forget God’s sweet and saving grace.

I never want to forget my Wisconsin childhood home.

I never want to forget the many blessings God has shown.

I never want to forget that although I journey

Through this earthly life so often alone,

Someone in heaven is watching who loves me

And calls me his own.

Oh yes, I never want to forget.

Poetry 201 Assignment 10: Future, Sonnet, and Chiasmus



Finally, I have completed my last assignment in Poetry 201. It has been an interesting and challenging two weeks. My last assignment was to write a sonnet about the future. And in this poem I was to include a chiasmus which pertains to repeating statements forwards and then backwards. Can you find my forward and backward statements?

Looking in Hope for Spring

Oh those prolonged days, ever so cold and blistery,

How long indeed shall they continue to still prevail?

As certainly every night is so utterly freezing and wintry.

I yearn and hope for spring to arrive without fail.

I glance upon my wall calendar to calculate and count

The number of months and weeks of this frigid season;

How many more of these dark days must surely amount

Before the end of snow though lovely it does glisten?

Now to stop and be ever so true and so ever kindly fair,

The loving, faithful Lord has remained always with me.

He’s gently wrapped me in saving grace showing he does care

Whether I am wide awake or sleeping ever so deep, so soundly.

Only God gives lasting hope; hope lasting is given by God only.

Encouragingly, I lift up my head; yea! My head is uplifted encouragingly.

Moonlight, Moonlight


Moonlight, moonlight shining so bright

And showing God’s love through the deep black night.

Moonlight, moonlight rising high in the darkened sky

To keep watch over all the people far and wide.

When I tearfully lay and cannot sleep

You remain faithfully stationed over me.

Your gentle brightness shimmers on through

Until dawn arrives with the morning dew.

Moonlight, moonlight shining so bright

Thank you for watching me through the darkest night.

And most thanks of all to my loving Lord

Who created the moon and everything by the power of his word.

And thank you Lord Jesus for coming my way

To adopt as your own and to save me by your loving grace.