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Sunday Drive Roundup November 2, 2014




Another late Sunday drive around the wonderful blogosphere where one can find many talented writers, photographers, and artists  displaying their creative and inspirational work. It is always a joy to see and discover something new.  It is a thought provoking journey to find that awakens a deep delight inside of me. Anyway, as I meander along two days, I soon stumbled some wonderful gems in photography, the art of writing, and  in hearing the children sing.


This blogger, Keeping up with Kailina, found gentle beauty in the deep gray skies:


Another photographer and blogger, NJ Corporate Portrait Photographer, found a breathtaking scene when discovering a huge rock:


Writing and Watching TV:

And here is a blogger and factual fiction writer, Bob Mayer, who writes about the importance of learning about the art of writing by watching TV:


More on Writing:

Also another blogger at Lit World Interviews, writes a helpful and practical article on finding ideas to write a book:


Hear the Children Sing:

Here is a beautiful video on the ChristianBlessings blog site showing children of Myanmar singing praises to God:



And there you have it, another Sunday Drive Roundup!! I hope you were able to find something here to encourage and inspire you today.

Sunday Drive Roundup October 26, 2014



Well it is one day past Sunday but I am determined to make a trip around the blogosphere and see what interesting things that talented bloggers are blogging about. As I travel on today, I am finding some insightful and practical sites which provided helpful tips and encouragement in the art of blogging, nature photography, poetry, and encouragement.

The Art of Blogging:

Some great blogging tips and ideas from Hugh’s News and Views:


Apparently there was such a great response to this very helpful blogging tip article that Hugh’s News and Views posted a second installment:


Nature Photography and Poetry:

I also found some wonderful photography illustrated with beautiful poetry by Leaf and Twig:


And more beautiful poems posted Forgotten Meadows:



Inspirational Poetry and Encouragement:

Here is a deep, heart-touching poem by Christian Blessings:


And here is some inspirational encouragement that is sure to boost your spirits today posted by ANGELMD45:


I hope you find something in this post that encourages and lifts you up today.


Sunday Drive Roundup Three Days Late



Okay, it is no longer Sunday so I am three days late on my Sunday Drive Roundup but I am determined to make that drive around the blogosphere!! As I do so, I am finding some very interesting posts by other very talented and inspirational bloggers. This week I am finding interesting posts in photography, poetry, and a bit of humor that really caught my eye!!


First off, I will start with some very beautiful and artistic photography:

Here is a breathtaking photo of the Grand Canyon taken by NJ Corporate Portraits:


Here is also a vivid reminder that the beautiful season of autumn is here by Leaf and Twig:


Acronym Poetry:

I am also finding some inspirational acronym poetry which I find very interesting:

Here is a very cute photo and thought provoking poem by Source of Inspiration:


Another acronym poem bay Source of Inspiration which reminds me it is okay to let the child in me to come out and enjoy the life that God has given me:


And a Bit of Humor:                                                                                                                                           

I also found this cute and humorous one liner by LOVE HAPPY NOTES:


So there you are, my latest Sunday Drive Roundup three days late!! I hope you find something here that inspires you and makes you smile today.

Sunday Drive Round Up October 5, 2014



I haven’t worked on a Sunday Drive Round Up article so I thought it was past time that I did so. There are many interesting blogs out there and I am trying to carve out some time here to read more of them. I find it very interesting how you can find blogs on almost any subject that interests you.  So, I began my little Sunday drive by looking at articles related to the subject of writing. Since I am a writer, I often look to other writers and their inspirational and helpful articles:


From New3Creation Writing:


I am always encouraged by poets and inspirational writers and as I continued on my quest along the blogosphere I then came upon these inspirational and uplifting pieces:


From My Spiritual Breakfast:


From ForgottenMeadows:


From Source of Inspiration:


I also enjoy and am inspired by the work of artists and so I came across this beautiful blog:

Drawing and Photography:

From Maria Brinkley:


And there you have it, my latest and very belated Sunday Drive Roundup. I hope you find something here that is also an inspiration and an encouragement to you.

Sunday Drive Roundup June 1, 2014



Finding Hope and Inspiration in Poetry, Photography, and Genealogy!

Time once again for another Sunday drive around the blogosphere looking for blogs which are inspirational and hopeful. This past week, I looked at various posts centered on photography, poetry, and genealogy.

To begin with I have found some inspirational poetry on these two blog sites:

Here is a blogger, John Thomas Dodds, who is committed to writing a new poem every day. He has quite a collection of poetry and photographs. To me each poet I have found while cruising around the blogosphere is incredibly unique and one can catch a glimpse of the writer’s personality when reading their creative work:


Another blogger, Shawn L. Bird, who’s an author and poet also her has own hopeful and inspiring collection of poetry and you can find some her wonderful work here:


Now on to photography; I just simply admire beautiful and unique photography and found myself gazing at the work of these talented bloggers this past week:

Here is a very unique photo artist who specializes in beautifully unique photography. This blogger is truly an artist behind the camera:


And finally, a new category! I have an interest in genealogy research and have found several blog sites about it:

Here is a blogger who shares informational tips, his insights, and his own family research. He also includes links to other genealogy sites:


Here is another blogger who has conducted extensive genealogy research and has discovered some very interesting family history. He shares some of family stories here. His research discoveries are inspiring me to resume my own family research which I am taken a long break from. Enjoy reading:


Well, that concludes another Sunday drive around the blogosphere, hope you enjoy these sites as much as I have.


Sunday Drive Roundup May 18, 2014

Finding Inspiration in Faith, Poetry, Family Stories, Photography, and in Healthy Eating

I named this  new Sunday feature on my blog page, Sunday Drive Roundup in remembrance of my dad who liked to take us all on long Sunday drives around the country side. It was always an enjoyable and relaxing time when we did this; he seemed to never worry about getting lost on those windy Wisconsin roads For some reason I was remembering those Sunday drives as I contemplated the starting of this section when I would surf or take a virtual “drive” around the blogosphere to discover new and interesting blog sites to share with my readers.

So, for the first installment of this feature I thought I would focus on the blog pages which I have been discovering in my recent Blogging 101 class. I met many interesting and talented bloggers who each have started very interesting, well-designed, and informative blogs. Therefore I want to feature some of those in this first Sunday Drive Roundup:

Easter Ellen shares personal stories, poetry and beautiful photography depicting her personal life and how through her faith and dependence on God, she strives to overcome. She really bares her heart and soul here and maintains her faith and trust in God. I am inspired by her openness and honesty in life as well as her strong and resilient faith: http://easterellen.com/

Meredith continues her writing journey in this beautiful blog as she writes about faith, stories about family, shares recipes and spiritual insights. I find her writings and her faith to be very encouraging as I struggle to keep my faith in God. Here’s a peek at her blog site: http://meredithlbl.com/

I am inspired by and enjoy seeing the beauty of this world through photography. I wish I was a better photographer and hopefully I will find more time to practice and improve in that area. But for now, here is another wonderful blog featuring inspirational and vivid photos from a photographer who enjoys sharing nature’s beauty. This blogger seems to be always awestruck by nature’s breathtaking beauty and never takes it for granted.  Take a look here: http://kerlundphoto.se/

Finally, I know I need to do better at eating healthy and leading a healthier lifestyle. I am taking steps to improve in this area of my life. Wouldn’t you know it? There was a blogger in my Blogging 101 class who has focused on healthy eating and healthy living for their blog. It is full of interesting articles, information, and recipes. There is so much to look at and study there about healthy eating and just being healthy. It is a great blog page to keep handy as a resource:  http://eatallfresh.me/

And there you have it, although a bit late because it is just after midnight here, the first Sunday Drive Roundup!

Finding Inspiration in Poetry, Photography, and in the Art of Writing



As I dive further and further into the blog world, I have discovered some very hopeful and inspiring blogs to follow. I encourage you to look at these talented bloggers and writers:

Inspiration in Poetry:

To Begin with, I found several neat poems by some amazing poets: I happened to read these poems at a time when I needed a little encouragement and some comfort for my soul. Read, enjoy and may they lift your spirit too:

Source of Inspiration:   http://patcegan.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/fearless-love/

Shawn L. Bird: http://shawnbird.com/2014/04/29/poem-angel-2/

Inspiration in Photography:

This photo/poet writes beautiful poems and captures the most delicate scenes you can imagine in nature. His writing and photos are like precious gems. While I tend to focus on the bigger picture in photography, this photo artist captures the delicate and often unseen beauty of nature:


Inspiration in the Art of Writing:

This is a great blog article for us bloggers who are into blogging because we want to be writers. Whether we write poems, articles, or stories of any genre, we are looking to improve our writing skills and get ourselves out there and noticed. This article is about reading to be a good writer and lays out some keys ideas on how to do that.

Quoth the Wordsmith;


And for us fledgling novel writers here is an interesting writing article from author Bob Mayer about taking one key idea as a basis for a novel:


I hope you find these blogs interesting, inspiring, and helpful as I did.