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Holy celebration on springtime morn:

Everlasting is Jesus, Our Savior and Lord!

In heaven now where he forever reigns:

Salvation he has brought; praise be his glorious name!!

Resurrected from the grip of death;

In hope he lives, ever victorious.

Son rises and shines on us early Easter morning:

Eternal life he is gladly giving.

Now and for all eternity,

He lives inside the hearts of all who believe.

Happy Easter


Holiday of divine celebration with praise lifted high,

Adoration filling the morning sky;

Perfect fellowship with God we now share and sing;

Possible now through Jesus, our Lord, Savior, and King.

Young and old alike

Enjoined together in God’s family through Christ.

After Jesus’ suffering and death by crucifixion,

Salvation dawned on the morn of his resurrection.

Thankful gladness of the heart;

Everlasting joy, love and peace does impart.

Remembering Jesus’ gift of life and forgiveness of sin

And his forever reign as

Lord of Lords and the King of kings.

Jesus is the GOOD SHEPHERD


Gentle lamb who took away my sins

Omnipotent; he is mighty and all powerful

Omnipresent; he is everywhere

Daily Provider of all my needs

Sees my triumphs and my tears

Hears my sobs and my quiet laughter

Ever with me and never forsaking me

Prince of peace, joy and love

Holds all things in place, the earth and the universe

Eyes ever watchful for wandering souls to save

Remains forever in my heart, my soul, and my life

Deliverer of hope, restoration, and eternal salvation