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Holy celebration on springtime morn:

Everlasting is Jesus, Our Savior and Lord!

In heaven now where he forever reigns:

Salvation he has brought; praise be his glorious name!!

Resurrected from the grip of death;

In hope he lives, ever victorious.

Son rises and shines on us early Easter morning:

Eternal life he is gladly giving.

Now and for all eternity,

He lives inside the hearts of all who believe.

Happy Easter

Writiong 101 Day Seven: Give and Take



In this Writing 101 assignment we were to write a comparison and contrast piece and with the twist of it being in the form of a dialogue. So, that is what I tried to do in this next piece of poetry. I wrote another one similar to this last year in which I compared and contrasted winter and summer. I hope you enjoy reading and that it may brighten your day.

I like Autumn, I like Spring

“I like autumn”

“Well, I like spring”

“What’s so great about autumn?”

“Well, what’s so great about spring?”

“In Autumn, you can take walks and enjoy the cooler weather.

You can also smell the woodsy fragrance as the leaves change color.”

“In Spring, you can stroll beneath the warming sun and feel the milder breeze.

You can also see hints of new life, new green grass, and buds on the trees.”

“In Autumn you can watch and enjoy the beauty of the changing hues;

You see deeper green, pale yellow, vibrant red and brilliant orange too.”

“In Spring you see new plants and many kinds of blooming flowers;

You see daffodils, violets, lilacs, daisies, and tulips of almost every color.”

“Well, yes, but in the spring you also worry about heavy rain, tornadoes,

Lightening, destructive thunderstorms, and damaging hail.”

“Well yes, but also in autumn you must prepare for what arrives later;

Freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, and ice with the arrival of winter.”

“I supposed that is all true, but I still enjoy autumn more than spring

When the last of the fields are harvested and we celebrate Thanksgiving.”

“Well, I will always enjoy the season of spring more than autumn

When we celebrate Easter; the glorious day of Jesus’ victory and resurrection.”

Easter: A Time to REJOICE

Easter Cross

Remember Jesus nailed on the cross

Ever willingly, he suffered and died for us

Joyfully he served and gently he shared

Of God’s love for man on earth

Individually and personally, he wants to be

Compassionate, forgiving Savior for you and me

Ever humbly he bowed his head and died on Good Friday

  And rose victoriously on Easter Sunday.


Philippians 4:4-5 (Holy Bible New International Version):

“Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.”

Poetry 201 Assignment 5: Fog, Elegy, and Metaphors



In this latest poetry assignment, we were asked write about fog in an elegy which is often about an irreversible loss; like something you can never get back. And we’re to include metaphors in our writing. In contemplating this, I felt compelled to write about one of my deepest losses which often feels like a fresh wound that never heals. Just reliving this in my mind brought new and uncontrollable tears but I I felt some relief in writing about it and in that I am finally sharing this story. I have no doubt that it is God who comforts and gently helps me to remember even the most secret memories that are buried the deepest inside of me. I do have the comfort of knowing that she is safe and happy with Jesus in heaven. 

Trying to Remember

Has it really been almost five years?

Sometimes it seems longer

And yet in my moments of anguished tears

It seems yesterday, I did hear her

These past recent years have been so

Painfully empty and void

Of her sweet presence, her cheerful face

And her laughing voice.

Oh what did she last say? I sadly forgot

I am searching through the fog

Of my many memories of my childhood home

Where I was never all alone.

My blurred memories are like the many rooms

Of our two-story, century old house

Where in the years of clutter, a recollection is hidden

 like a treasure of precious gems.

She was always there spreading her love so

that there was nothing to be afraid of.

Like the scent of the freshest flowers, our house permeated

of her nurturing spirit and her gentle, soft voice.

Oh how I yearn to remember her comforting words,

Can’t I have that that wish, that one choice?

How I dream to hear her laughter and see her smiling

Once again. Oh, just one more time.

The foggy haze is still sticking and lingering in me

Not letting me remember or to see

And it won’t let me grasp what I long to know;

The last words she said on the phone.

Oh I do remember, soon Easter was coming

And I told her on the phone,

“In a few days I will see you, Mom.

In a few days I will come home.”

As we gaily chatted away, I continued,

“Mom, we’ll have a splendid Easter.

Work has granted me extra time off so

We’ll have four days together.”

But before Easter came and before

I could journey home

My mother suddenly passed away

In that big old house all alone.

She was so happy to talk to me on the phone

And joyful that I was coming to see her

Now the fog like a weakened storm has cleared

And in my mind her voice I could hear.

With an aching heart I remember my mother’s joyous tone,

 “I love you and I will see you soon.”

Reflecting on “EASTER” and “A Fleeting Moment”



For my Blogging 101 class, I was told to study my blog stats and to write a new post which reflects and expands on the posts which generated the most views. In studying my blog stats, I have found that the two posts which received the highest number of views were my EASTER poem and another poem I called, “A Fleeting Moment”.  These poems are very different and I am interested to hear from readers about why they like a certain poem or other posts on my blog. From reading some of the comments related to my “A Fleeting Moment” poem, I gathered that readers were very contemplative in reflecting on how fast and easily precious moments just slip away leaving us wishing we could recapture a certain speck of time. I certainly feel that way when I reminisce about favorite childhood memories or when remembering being with a favorite relative who has passed on.  Also I am recalling moments when I didn’t take time to stop and enjoy a beautiful pinkish-orange sunset or a vibrantly high-arching rainbow reaching into the deep, brilliant blue sky. Then I sense regret because I don’t know when such a moment will pass my way again. For the new readers who missed this poem, here it is again and please feel free to let me know what you think:

A Fleeting Moment

A precious speck of time gone

At a solitary glance!

Did you grasp that fleeting moment?

Did you behold by any chance?


As for the “EASTER” poem which generated the most views in one day, I am sure it was well received because I posted it just one day before Easter but most readers viewed it on that Easter Sunday. So, it was very timely and it focused on faith through Jesus, God’s Son. And through him, I think many respond and hold on to the new and everlasting hope we can share in him which is the point of celebrating the Easter holiday. Through having and holding onto that faith, we have hope and the endurance to continue through trials and difficult days believing that thru Jesus those hardships will come to an end. I do face my share of struggles and hard times but with hope and anticipation I can look to the future. Easter, I guess, is a very special time to reflect on one’s faith and what God has done for me. As a recap, here is that EASTER poem and I hope it continues to encourage and inspire readers today:



Everlasting love and hope

And to Jesus never ending adoration

Son of God has risen to wash away all

Tears and heartaches, sin and suffering

Eternal life and lasting peace awaits after our own

Rebirth in Jesus and joyous resurrection