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Writing 201 Day 5 Map, Ode, and Metaphor


Ode to a Journey to Wyoming

One day I awoke to prepare once again

To go on journey to visit my friend.

I have traveled this same route several years ago

But the adventure of going on a trip never grows old.

 twice I have endeavored on this solo journey of

Traveling from Minnesota to the land of Wyoming.

The familiar towns and landmarks along the way

Are dear old companions who greet me and wave

While silently proclaiming, “Yes we are still here;

So glad to see you travel our way this year.”

I passed through several small towns and by farmsteads too

And oh my, Lake Heron is a splendid sea of blue.

I drove by several state parks along the way

And note, “I must visit there on another day.”

The morning was full of bright, illuminating sunshine

As I drove along the interstate crossing the first state line.

Onward I drove with my intent eyes peering into the horizon

As I joyfully anticipated revisiting my high school friend.

And lo, how we both know that we don’t visit enough

As times can be hard and cost of travel just too much.

With the consistent rain through the summer months,

The ground has remained emerald green; deep and lush.

For usually, the further I journeyed westward from home,

The atmosphere became more and more arid while I drove.

But on this trek the land remained moist and green much longer

And I chose to enjoy this and not ponder and wonder.

So forward I drove and gladly journeyed

Into the horizon; a vast green and blue sea.

Near the end of the day my traveling was done

As I paused beneath the vaulted ceiling of a glowing sun.

While it slid down settling in the distant west,

I knew it was time for a long night rest.

I opted to stay at on a hilltop of green sloped wonder

In a motel overlooking the winding Missouri River.

For the wide flowing blue stream curved this way and that

With an iron scalloped bridge uniting one land mass to the next.

Next morning arrived and soon I was on the road

Anticipating new places to see and sights to behold.

“I can’t help it,” I chided myself with a frown,

“I must visit once again that old ghost town.”

Soon I found the right off-ramp and pulled in

And found myself wandering the old streets again.

I strolled past the old schoolhouse and the church too

Wondering what life was like back in say…1882.

I drove on nearing the Wyoming border

And noticed the rugged mountains coming closer.

After another long day’s drive,

To my friend’s house, I finally arrived.

I was there for a week, treasuring each day;

And we embarked on a few adventures along the way.

Such a sweet time to spend with a dear friend,

That my heart ached with sadness at the week’s end.

Turning around I started the long journey home

Thankful for friendship which nourished my soul.

So now, ode to a Journey I took to Wyoming,

I have a new treasure of memories inside of me.

Writing 101 Day 20: Treasure


The Things I Treasure

Family and lifelong friends

Whose love prevails and never ends.

A vivid blue and warm day

Where glowing sunshine lights the way.

A new path in life; a new road to adventure

And where it might lead I can only wonder.

Sweet melodious birdsong filling the breeze

As the feathered carolers perched in the lofty trees.

Meadows and wildflowers I do adore;

Black-eyed Susans, daisies and more.

Strolling through the forest of towering trees

Oh how Spring gives birth to such emerald beauty.

A quiet, rainy day when I rest inside

Reading and writing to my heart’s delight.

Returning home and walking down memory lane;

Visiting loved ones and close friends.

Walking on the beach and feeling the spray of the sea;

Feeling the sand surround and envelop my bare feet.

Sitting at the park and listening to the whispering wind

Sifting through the branches; softly heard but not seen.

In deep conversation with a close friend

In whom my quiet trust will never end.

Seeing a lemon-tinted sunrise in the early morning

And a glowing orange sunset in the warm evening.

Have the love of Jesus residing in my heart wiping away my sorrows

As he instills hope for today, through the night, and tomorrow.





Sunshine sizzles in a shimmering haze

Ultraviolet rays filter through the brightened day

Marshmallow white clouds drifting along or

Moving, drenching rainstorms advance on the horizon

Evening birdsong and crickets chirp amid twilight strolls

Rose tinted sunset vividly glows

Reflecting on “EASTER” and “A Fleeting Moment”



For my Blogging 101 class, I was told to study my blog stats and to write a new post which reflects and expands on the posts which generated the most views. In studying my blog stats, I have found that the two posts which received the highest number of views were my EASTER poem and another poem I called, “A Fleeting Moment”.  These poems are very different and I am interested to hear from readers about why they like a certain poem or other posts on my blog. From reading some of the comments related to my “A Fleeting Moment” poem, I gathered that readers were very contemplative in reflecting on how fast and easily precious moments just slip away leaving us wishing we could recapture a certain speck of time. I certainly feel that way when I reminisce about favorite childhood memories or when remembering being with a favorite relative who has passed on.  Also I am recalling moments when I didn’t take time to stop and enjoy a beautiful pinkish-orange sunset or a vibrantly high-arching rainbow reaching into the deep, brilliant blue sky. Then I sense regret because I don’t know when such a moment will pass my way again. For the new readers who missed this poem, here it is again and please feel free to let me know what you think:

A Fleeting Moment

A precious speck of time gone

At a solitary glance!

Did you grasp that fleeting moment?

Did you behold by any chance?


As for the “EASTER” poem which generated the most views in one day, I am sure it was well received because I posted it just one day before Easter but most readers viewed it on that Easter Sunday. So, it was very timely and it focused on faith through Jesus, God’s Son. And through him, I think many respond and hold on to the new and everlasting hope we can share in him which is the point of celebrating the Easter holiday. Through having and holding onto that faith, we have hope and the endurance to continue through trials and difficult days believing that thru Jesus those hardships will come to an end. I do face my share of struggles and hard times but with hope and anticipation I can look to the future. Easter, I guess, is a very special time to reflect on one’s faith and what God has done for me. As a recap, here is that EASTER poem and I hope it continues to encourage and inspire readers today:



Everlasting love and hope

And to Jesus never ending adoration

Son of God has risen to wash away all

Tears and heartaches, sin and suffering

Eternal life and lasting peace awaits after our own

Rebirth in Jesus and joyous resurrection