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Morning Prayer


As I quietly pause to pray,

I asked Jesus to be with me today.

For at the start of each morning

I am preparing for a new day’s journey.

What each day has in store

Is only known by the Lord.

Must keep on trusting him

To lead me safely home each evening.

Where I can sit and be at rest;

With gladness and peace I am blessed

As I know by faith God is still with me;

Holding and keeping me for eternity.

Dawn’s Gleaming Light


One morning I awoke just before

The dawn’s gleaming light.

Darkness clung like a thorny blackberry

Briar and I thought, “Lo, it’s still night.”

Then eventually as daylight streamed

I glimpsed the grayish, cloud-filled sky;

 How I so wished to see more sun

And watch the glowing orb journey and rise.

How I deeply yearned to be caressed by

Its’ stretching rays of warmth;

Like listening once again to the familiar

Sound of my mother’s soft spoken voice.

The gentleness of her laughter and to

Hear glad-laden words from her lips depart

Would undoubtedly uplift my downturned

Spirit and quicken my beating heart.

How long ago memories do so

Gently prick and needle me

As I rest and remember how

My childhood life used to be.

But lo, I realized with a sudden start

As a new thought occurred and

Did quicken my heart.

The Lord has blessed me with

Another sunshine-filled new day

To cherish it thankfully

And grasp joy along the way.

So, as I gaze upon the dawn’s

Early gleaming light.

I’ll arise, embark on a journey

Letting the Lord be my friend and guide.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines


Thinking continually of God and his grace;

Holding on to him in a warm embrace.

Attitude and heart set on joy and gladness

Never forgetting from whom we are blessed.

Kindness and love to share

For neighbors, friends, and family everywhere.

Unswerving in faith and hope in the Lord;

Letting him guide in life, prayer, and in his Word.

Helping other and never stop caring;

Eternal life with him always sharing.

Adoration and praise never ending;

Remembering always Jesus is my friend.

Trusting and believing forever in him, Amen!

Staying near His THRONE OF GRACE


Thankful to be in his presence

His hovering Spirit gently attends

Reaching and teaching my soul

Of his forever lasting love to behold.

Nearer and nearer he comes to me

Every moment I remain content to receive

Of his generous blessings and wisdom;

Future insights of his heavenly kingdom.

Gentleness and peace he bestows in me

Refreshing my spirit ever so tenderly.

After living in dark hopelessness

Covered now and protected in his caress

Everlastingly and forever blessed.

Solo Journey


“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”

Hebrews 13:5 Holy Bible NIV

Each new day I face the unknown

Seemingly all by myself; all alone.

I follow a path I can’t fully see

Where danger sometimes eludes me.

It is an ongoing trek into the future;

A solo journey I continue to endeavor.

Since my youth, I have been walking this path

And only the Lord knows how long it will last.

I try to travel in sweet content and joyfulness

Trying to remember God is near, and through him I’m blessed.

But some days are harder to strain and see

The love and goodness that the Lord is showing me.

I sometimes miss the sun and rainbows in life

As I face obstacles and endure strife.

Because I’m too worried and too wrapped in deep doubt

As if I’ve been swallowed by a thick, foreboding thundercloud.

I stumble in the pit of that deep dark night

Yearning to see a comforting and glowing light.

Something to rekindle my lost and trampled hope;

Someone to help me rise with courage and cope.

I stumble around as my mind and heart cannot see

And then fall down ever so continuously.

Finally, I pause to rest and lo, I find a friend

For Jesus had come seeking me yet again.

For in this world of worry I can find peace

When I stop to remember Jesus is with me.

For he promises to never ever leave

And that no one can snatch me from thee.

Out of the darkness I emerge again

Seeing the rainbows and the sun.

So as I continue this solo journey on my own,

I’m again reminded that I am not really all alone.

Writing 101 Day Eight: Death of the Adverbs



Well, in this latest assignment, I was to write something about a public place and eliminate all the adverbs! That is often hard to do but I tried. I don’t believe I succeeded in eliminating all of them but you can let me know what you think. So here is my latest poem for you to enjoy and I hope it puts a smile on your face.

Along the River Trail

The other day, a friend and I together

Determined to stroll along the Minnesota River.

We started by the old town depot

Where the steamboats used to come and go.

But today double rail tracks remain

For the passing freight and cargo trains.

It was a warm and beautiful day

With the water glistening beneath the sun’s rays.

We walked along a narrow paved road

somewhat eroded from the last flood

The grayish flood wall on our right

Kept the city out of sight

While the flowing river remained

Stationed on our left side.

That is until we turned around

To return where we started from.

Below the cement trail galore

Stretched out a long and rocky shore.

The water flowed along in a gentle current

 Propelled by a soft and blowing wind.

As we walked along together

Enjoying the sunshine and warm weather,

A Canadian goose stepped along the stones

But lo, we found he was not alone.

For another meandering goose appeared nearby

And together they slipped into the water’s side.

They glided past us in gentle and quiet company

Until a roaring motorboat disrupted their peaceful journey.

While one fowl sprang and soared south the other flew north

And only one circled around returning to the rocky shore.

He glided into the water swimming near the stones;

Peacefulness had returned but now he was alone.

 My heart twitched and ached at this sight

To see this lone creature taking silent and solitary flight.

We continued to stroll along the Minnesota River Trail

Being met by other walkers with a dog and his wagging tail.

Soon my friend and I returned to where we started from;

It was time to go home and for this journey to be done.

So we left the old brick depot; a century aged place

Where time once was slower and life not such an urban race.

But what a splendid day we had decided to share

Blessed with hope and the fragrance of spring in the air.