Monthly Archives: April 2014

Coming of Spring


Cool wind blows again as winter nears its end

though not soon enough for me.

A welcomed fragrance remains of a soft  and gentle rain

permeating the chilly breeze.

So filled now with elation; hooray for spring’s coronation

descending so tenderly.

Returning robins in the trees sing joyful melodies

kindly enchanting me.

Grass is still a dreary brown all around this tiny town

looking ever so bleak

But never you mind for given some time

it will transform to  glorious green.

Towering trees here and there standing naked and bare

will soon sprout tiny new  leaves.

So for now don’t dismay; Spring  indeed is on the way.

Just you wait and see.

I Hear the Birds



I hear the birds singing; an unseen choir a midst the leafy branches of the swaying trees.

Their small voices are many and unique; their whistles, their chirps and their melodies

ride the quietly flowing breeze.

Their joyous songs bring sweet thoughts to my mind and a deep sense of gentle peace to

my uplifted heart. How i love to hear the birds above and may they always be near, always

present, never to depart.

Morning Light



As the new bright day is dawning and the first rays of sunlight filter in,

the Lord lovingly and gently awakens me.

My eyes slowly open and as watchful consciousness alerts my thoughts and soul,

I turn to look out the glass pane to to quietly and even wistfully see.

The leafy trees are a pale shade of green and the sky a gentle hue of blue.

Everything glistens beneath the sun’s transparent rays and the morning dew.

Now my soul is filled with earnest contentment of the simple and gentle beginning

so I arise with my thoughts on the Lord and with quiet anticipation.

In a gentle voiced prayer, i answer, “Thank you, Lord for showering me

with your sunshine and your sweet love today and

thank you Lord for your faithfulness in staying with me through this

gentle, sunlit day.