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Becky’s Song: He’s Always Near

Verse 1:

God hears my prayers,

And calms my fears.

Yes, God hears my prayers;

He’s always near.

God comforts me,

And wipes away my tears.

Yes, God comforts me;

He’s always near.


He’s near me in the sunshine;

He’s still there in the moonlight.

And even when there’s no light,

God’s always near.

Verse 2:

God provides for my needs

and keeps watch over me.

Yes, God provides for my needs;

He’s always near.

God shows the way

And leads me home,

Yes, God shows the way;

He’s always near.


Verse 3:

Because he loves me so,

He’ll never let me go.

Yes, because he loves me so;

He’s always near.

I’ll praise his name,

And sing with all my heart.

 Yes, I’ll praise his name;

He’s always near


Becky’s Haiku: Light of Gold


As morning’s touched by

a light of gold, a thankful

Tune sings in my soul.

I have attempted yet another haiku challenge from Ronovan Writes blog using the words “gold” and “sing”. I am enjoying the challenge of putting different and even opposite words in such a short poem.  If you like word challenges and haiku’s, then I invite you to also accept Ronovan’s latest challenge at this link: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/category/haiku-prompt-challenge/

Becky’s Haiku: Remembering God, My Strength and Song


As I walk and stroll

Along, I think of God who

Is my strength and song.

he has created

 by his own power all things:

earth, the moon, and stars.

he has revealed in

his book, chapter and verse; he

made the universe.

Nothing good was made

Without him; through his word filled

With power from within.

He gives breathing life

To all men and eternal

Life through his own Son.

He is like a love

 Song singing deep inside of

Me and whispering.

He sings in my heart

Ever quietly and through

The gentle, flowing breeze.

I also hear him

By the lake and sea as the

Waves lap peacefully.

And in the forest

When the birds sing, I can’t help

But remember him.

Always reminding

Me of his love and peace, so

Content, I can be.

So today I will

Stroll along and remember

God, my strength and song.

Becky’s Song: In the Beginning God was there



In the beginning God was there, he created the heavens and earth.

In the beginning God was there; he gave this world its’ watery birth.

In the beginning God commanded the light.

In the beginning God made this dark world so bright.


In the beginning, in the beginning,

God was there, yes God was there

In the beginning, in the beginning,

God was there and he is always here.

Verses 2 to 5:

In the beginning God made the vast blue sky

In the beginning he made the birds that soar and fly.

In the beginning God made the oceans, rivers, and seas

In the beginning, he made all the small and great fish you see


In the beginning, God made the land, flowers, and trees

In the beginning he made all the creatures that roam free

In the beginning God created mankind

In the beginning he made them to be like him


In the beginning God had a plan

In the beginning he had a way save man from sin

In the beginning God set his plan forth

In the beginning he purposed for Jesus to come to earth


In the beginning God sent Jesus to show his love

And to teach of his mercies from far above

In the beginning God destined his only son to come down

In the beginning he sent him to die wearing a crown of thorns


In the beginning, God was already designing a new home

For all who believe to come and live with him

In the beginning God so deeply loved man

In the beginning he had a plan to save all mankind.