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Becky’s Haiku: Sweet and Scent

Autumn leaves fall: red,

Orange, and lemon-yellow tint

Emitting sweet scent.

I have attempted a new haiku challenge from Ronovan Writes blog using the words “sweet” and “scent”. This is often an enjoyable challenge for those who like writing short poem or like word puzzles and challenges.  If you like word challenges and haiku’s, then I invite you to also accept Ronovan’s latest challenge at this link and have fun: https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/category/haiku-prompt-challenge/

Becky’s Limerick: Reluctantly I Leaped


Tis Monday and a fresh start of a new week

And, reluctantly, I rolled and leaped to my feet.

I gazed at the busy day ahead

With anticipation and some dread.

A wintry chill in the morning air; not so sweet.

Descending Darkness

Today, I learned about a new type of poem called a Freku.  This style of poetry includes a free verse poem which is then summarized at the end with a haiku. This is my first try at such a poem. Hope you enjoy reading it. 


Darkness descends once again

Signaling the beginning

Of a long wintry night

Where the sun has dipped below

The distant and shrouded horizon

Slipping silently out of sight.

Oh that frigid winter is still coming

As its annual arrival is a calculated certainty

When the temps keep steadily falling

To zero degrees and below; so I think, “Woe is me.”

For blessed warmth I then dive

Beneath my layered bedding

Trying to stay warm and alive

When I begin to feel the drafting

Breeze seeping its way in.

So underneath my cavern of blankets

I then rest, think, and pray

As I quietly wonder and

Silently contemplate.

The darkness surrounds me

Like a thick shroud;

It wraps and securely

Hold me in its gripping mouth.

No flicker of light

Can I perceive

In this deep darkness

Which keeps hold of me.

I strain to vainly hear

With my dull ear, a slight

Sound; a hint of a whisper.

But no such tone reaches me;

I resolve to remain content in quiet peace

Knowing full well that the darkness will fade

Revealing a new and sun bright day.

For now though, I will settle in

Closing my eyes in a gentle sleep;

Safely tucked in for the night and

Hoping to have a sweet and pleasant dream.

As the deep darkness

Descends, I rest and hope to

Have a pleasant dream.

I Never Want to Forget


I never want to forget my mittens, scarf, and hat.

I never want to forget to feed m y two cats.

I never want to forget my clothes at the laundromat.

And I never want to forget why I am here or where I’m at.

I never want to forget my purse and my car keys.

I never want to forget my bags of groceries.

I never want to forget which day it is of the week.

And I never want to forget my dearest friends and family.

I never want to forget my mom’s soft voice and her smiling face.

I never want to forget my dad’s laughter and warm embrace.

I never want to forget that Jesus is leading me from place to place

And I never want to forget God’s sweet and saving grace.

I never want to forget my Wisconsin childhood home.

I never want to forget the many blessings God has shown.

I never want to forget that although I journey

Through this earthly life so often alone,

Someone in heaven is watching who loves me

And calls me his own.

Oh yes, I never want to forget.