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Steadfast and sincere belief

In Almighty God and his Son Jesus.

Mindful and obedient to His true and holy word;

Personally accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Living each day in joyfulness and not sorrow;

Yesterday’s tears washed away by hope for tomorrow.

Tenderness and kindness shown to everyone I see;

Remembering God’s never ending love shown to me.

Unwavering faith in the goal of reaching heaven.

Serving gladly and sharing about Him.

Teachable soul continuing to depend on Jesus

by praying and  being led daily by his Holy Spirit.

Remaining GRATEFUL


Gladness enabling the heart to cheerfully sing.

Remembering God’s promises and many blessings.

Able to smile and wipe the tears away.

Thankful for the gift of another dawning day.

Eager yet quietly content to be

Faithfully believing in hope, heaven, and eternity.

Unhurried and not worried about trials of tomorrow.

Living each moment today and choosing to be joyful.

I Never Want to Forget


I never want to forget my mittens, scarf, and hat.

I never want to forget to feed m y two cats.

I never want to forget my clothes at the laundromat.

And I never want to forget why I am here or where I’m at.

I never want to forget my purse and my car keys.

I never want to forget my bags of groceries.

I never want to forget which day it is of the week.

And I never want to forget my dearest friends and family.

I never want to forget my mom’s soft voice and her smiling face.

I never want to forget my dad’s laughter and warm embrace.

I never want to forget that Jesus is leading me from place to place

And I never want to forget God’s sweet and saving grace.

I never want to forget my Wisconsin childhood home.

I never want to forget the many blessings God has shown.

I never want to forget that although I journey

Through this earthly life so often alone,

Someone in heaven is watching who loves me

And calls me his own.

Oh yes, I never want to forget.

And Away We Flew

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Up, up, and away we flew into the sky;

What a thrilling sensation to soar so high.

Over the rocky and rugged landscape we flew

As the morning sun displayed its’ brilliant hue.

Grayish white clouds hung suspended in the air

At times refracting the sun’s lemon-tinted glare.

Such a majestic and lofty perspective of the scene

As we glided over with the earth far below our feet.

The sky around us was a vivid and vast blue sea

And stretched over us like a high vaulted canopy.

The highway below stretched out like a long and narrow river

And we flew over the lakes fabled the Seven Brothers.

Curving around Cloud’s Peak and Bomber Mountain,

We also saw Black Tooth, rugged hillsides, and olive green woodlands.

Gliding like a lone eagle in the flowing and swirling wind,

We floated on the breezy waves in the deep ocean of heaven.

But at last and all too soon it was time to return

To our home below, the mountainous and forest covered earth.

So gently we descended, coming softly down

And I knew the moment our small plane touched the solid ground.

And now today, I remember and hold in my heart

That cherished journey in the sky; a memory which will not soon depart.

Missing My Dad


No more long Sunday drives

Through the quiet countryside.

No more seeing his smiling face

When I find him in his favorite place.

No more watching Mr.Green

Or some other PBS comedy

And hear him laugh aloud

With his laughter filling the house.

No more hearing sometimes stern and sometimes gentle voice;

It is silent now like a deep, empty void.

No more seeing him hunched over in the garage

Determined to fix the truck, tractor, or car.

No more watching him in the fields

Planting, harvesting, or tilling.

No more playing with him outside

Teaching me to play ball, oh how he tried.

Dad could coach me to hit here and there

But I was not meant to be a softball player.

No more fishing at the little pond

Where once I caught a trout with my own rod.

Dad said my fish was too small

So he unhooked it and gently let it go.

No more summer celebrations or holidays

To see him so joyful and to wish him Happy Birthday.

No more waiting in the dark and the late night

To see his car arrive by the beam of his headlights.

For many nights I had laid in bed wide awake

Until I knew dad was home from work and was safe.

Also no more seeing him suffer in great pain

As illness riddled his once strong and tall frame.

For he lived with increased pain for years;

Some days were good but others full of hurt and fear.

But now I know he lives in another world far above

Inside of God’s great grace and amazing love.

He is alive and well in the lofty realms of heaven

Living forever in God’s everlasting kingdom.

In Honor of my Mother on Mother’s Day



If my mom was alive and still walking on this earth, I would be spending this very special day with her. But she is now walking with Jesus in the beautiful gardens of heaven; she is alive and well there and one day I will see her again. So today in honor and in memory of her, I am reposting this poem:

My Mother’s Beautiful Hands

I always remember many cold and wintry nights

 when in a house warm with love, a scene of beauty met my sight;

 My mother sitting so content and so quietly working with her hands.

 An object was forming, a colorful thing which at first I do not understand.

 As her mysterious creation grew and took shape, I knew what it was to be.

 Sometimes a blanket, quilt or doll; perhaps slippers or ornaments for the Christmas tree.

 When finished she gently wraps the gift with care and at the chosen time,

 the treasured gift is given and her deep love brightly shines, warm and genuine.

 Where else could I find such a tender love? Where else would I go?

 Except to my mother’s side, whose warm love could melt a mountain of snow.

 So over the years I kept going home to see my  mom and a gift I did not understand

 being created by her with love and with her warm, gentle, and beautiful hands.

Writing 101 Day Five: The Unfinished Letter


Years ago I sat down and wrote a letter

To my loving and devoted grandmother.

However, I did not take the needed time

To complete and finish every line.

Instead I took a break to run errands,

Return to work, and enjoy the weekend.

I had allowed other things to become more important

Than my grandma who waited for me with gentle patience.

I had started the letter stating that I was well and enjoying the sunshine

And that I hoped she was also doing splendidly fine.

And that was about all that I had written down

As autumn exited and winter entered town.

Then came Christmas and a visit with family

I visited with my grandmother then beside the ornamented tree.

I paid another visit to her as she rested in a nursing home

And held her frail hand that once was so strong and warm.

I returned home and back to my daily life

My letter still unfinished and even out of sight.

My father then called one day with the unwelcome news;

Grandma had passed in the night before morning was due.

Tears stung my eyes as I heaved with a grieving heart

Now emptiness grew in me like an abyss, very deep and dark.

“Do not be so sad,” my caring father tried to say,

“she passed peacefully and she wanted it that way.”

For my grandmother had lived her life in lasting faith in God;

She believed in his love, his guidance, his gentle staff and rod.

 And she had completed the special deeds she was given

And the Lord had rewarded her with a new home in heaven.

I remembered the letter that I had never finished;

Now it means nothing; a white page of emptiness.

Now with great regret I couldn’t help but think

about my grandmother waiting for it so patiently.

Then I thought of my grandmother with Jesus at her side

Who knew everything and was so very wise.

Perhaps he lovingly told her about my unfinished letter;

Though I never completed it, I also never stopped loving her.

In this way, I try to remain satisfied and steadfastly content

Knowing that my grandmother is alive and well in the kingdom of heaven.

Writing 101 Day Two: A Room with a View


I Would Zoom to Heaven

If I could go anywhere and see anything then

I would zoom to heaven to see my mom again.

She had left too suddenly and too soon;

Unexpectedly, her life on earth came to an end.

I cannot describe the pain and the void

That sometimes dwells inside my heart

All I can say is that I ache so deeply

As in my mind and thoughts, she is never very far.

I know she is well now with no more pain and

No more heartaches or streaming tears

No more illnesses or hardships and

No more thunderstorms or evilness to fear.

What would she being doing if I

Could fly this moment to her side?

I am sure she’d be wandering through

Heaven’s garden and pause with a contented sigh.

Eagerly, she might follow a sandy path

Lined with tall grass and daisies of every hue

To the rim of a lake just to hear the choir

Of the frogs and the chirping crickets, too.

How she loved flowers, the birds, and

Droopy weeping willow trees.

Perhaps she’d relax in a patio chair

Watching, gazing ever so peacefully.

Just like at home, she’d sit just outside

Near a bubbling fountain pond

With the water glistening beneath

The sun’s warm, extending arms.

She’d watch for hummingbirds and

Perhaps an oriole would fly near

Their colorful wings would flutter while

They daintily sipped from the feeders.

Tulips would be in bloom in a

Nearby, carefully planted flowerbed

Some pink, some yellow,

And some vividly red.

Another flowerbed would lay

Across a grassy, shallow hill

Blooming with sunny

Yellow daffodils.

Cedar and oak trees would

Stand flanking the road

Concealing the yard and

Maintaining the quietness of

our century old country home.

Perhaps, a giant pine tree would tower nearby

As if guarding this new peaceful paradise;

This new home in the heavenly blue sky.

Then mom would reach to hug me so tenderly

Saying, “I know you are sad and so alone but

You mustn’t worry so much about me.

For I am well with Jesus always at my side

And here everything is as it was meant to be.”

I would sit a while longer feeling her

Arms gently and lovingly hold me;

Not wanting her to let go but knowing that

I must return where I am meant to be.

For whatever is my work and my purpose

On earth, it is not done; not yet complete.

So reluctantly I would return to finish

The special tasks, God has in mind for me.

Tasks of kindness and caring, and

Of sharing God’s never-ending love.

Tasks also of helping others

So they may have relief and hope.

For God has a purpose for us all

And a perfect, everlasting plan

I must choose to believe and trust him

Even when I don’t understand.

Knowing also that my mom is watching

And Jesus always helps me ever so faithfully

I’ll willingly return and quietly finish the

Special work God has in mind for me.

Becky’s Song: God is Always Working on Me



1. God is always working on me

Transforming my heart that I might be

One with Jesus’ Spirit eternally

God is always working on me.



God is always working on me.

Fitting me for heaven as you will see;

God is always working on me.


  1. God is always working on me

As I awake each bright new day.

Taking my hand to lead me the way,

God is always working on me.


  1. God is always working on me,

As I walk through the woods or by the sea.

Reminding me of all he’s done for me,

God is always working on me.


  1. God is always working on me

As I go forth serving Thee.

Teaching me to love and kindly be

God is always working on me.


  1. God is always working on me

As in the dark, I troubled be.

He takes away my fears and gives me peace;

God is always working on me.


  1. God is always working on me

As I watch for his coming each new day.

Knowing Jesus is closer each time I pray,

God is always working on me.